Kaminis Bans Golden Dawn’s Soup Kitchen

    8FF49E89BDEE4FD8D450E5B0D824D742Athens Mayor George Kaminis, who was attacked by a member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party – who still hasn’t been prosecuted – after a Greeks-only food giveaway was banned has stopped the party from doing it again.

    Kaminis said he would not allow Golden Dawn to proceed with a soup kitchen planned for July 24 in Attiki Square because it was designed only for people who could produce ID’s showing they were Greek citizens, although the party won’t recognize the citizenship of people who are not 100 percent Greek.

    Kaminis announced that the food and clothes distribution planned by the Golden Dawn, on the one hand is illegal “as the provided authorization procedure has not been complied” and on the other hand is “politically unacceptable, because it consciously promotes racism and xenophobia”.

    He also warned that “by applying the law, the Municipality of Athens, in cooperation with the relevant state authorities, will not tolerate the realization of this event.”

    Golden Dawn insists that the food and cloth distribution in Attiki Square will be held regularly and that the Parliamentary group, the members, the executives and the leader of the Golden Dawn Nikos Michaloliakos will be present.


    1. Seriiousy don’t you ave a Skopian forum to go to? Nothing better to do with your time than troll a Greek one?

    2. Hey, at least you didn’t use alex the American argument like you do with all your other handles trollski..

    3. I’m fine with GD handing out food but those that call anyone that isn’t a GD supporter “treasonous” are defacto treasonous. Hellenism is more than a single party much less a party whose leader idolizes Hitler.