Search For Fugitive Koupa Goes On

B734AC836DE4BFF97977471FFB902A59Greek police on July 23 were pressing a diligent manhunt for Ilir Koupa, the last remaining escapee from Trikala Prison. The search was said to be going on in the area between Thesprotia and Ioannina continues. Koupa fled after a gunfight with EKAM officers that killed his partner Marian Kola.

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias, accompanied by the Chief of Police, Nick Papayiannopoulos, was to visit the 26-year-old police officer who was wounded in the scuffle and was hospitalized in the hospital of Ioannina.

Police believe Koupa is hidden in a gorge and is hemmed in as a cordon has been set up around him and is unable to get out or get food.

Police set up blockades in at least two roads leading to the Greek-Albanian borders believe he will try to flee to his homeland. The nearest of these is through the villages Lista and Lia in Filiata. Police are also looking through the mobile phone of Kola, which was found disassembled near the point where he was killed.


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