Shipowner Restis Charged With Embezzlement

restis1_590_355Well-known business executive and shipowner Victor Restis was arrested on a warrant from the prosecutor’s office while Greek police said they were looking for three more people who appear to be involved in an embezzlement and money laundering case with him.

According to police reports, a total of 524 million euros ($690 million) inloans issued from Restis’s bank FBB are under investigation. Restis is also accused for a loan of 5.8 million euros ($7.65 milliion) which was given by FBB and which authorities said ended via a holding company to his family.

The investigation was initiated after an FBBank employee filed a complaint at the authority charging there was money laundering going on.

The prosecutors produced a warrant charging Restis with three felonies, embezzlement, money laundering of revenues coming from criminal activities and organization os criminal association.

P. Nikoloudis, Head of the Authority for Combating Money Laundering Activities has undertaken the organization of the investigation.