Golden Dawn Moves Food Handout to HQ.

Golden Dawn_food
The food and clothes distribution for Greeks only organized by the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which was banned by Athens Mayor, Giorgos Kaminis, was finally held on July 24.

The gathering was initially planned to take place in Attiki Square, but after the ban it was held outside the party’s offices.

Golden Dawn’s leader, Nikos Mihaloliakos, gave a speech at the beginning of the soup kitchen, in which he verbally attacked Kaminis and the Defense Minister, Nikos Dendias, on account of the ban of the scheduled meeting in Attiki Square. Mihaloliakos verbally attacked Greece’s Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, as well.

Kaminis had previously characterized the soup kitchen for Greeks only in Attiki Square as illegal because, “The provided authorization procedure has not been complied,” and because it is “politically unacceptable, as it consciously promotes racism and xenophobia.”


  1. Where is your voice against racism when Greeks are the target?

    For instance, do you denounce any of the pretentious self-annointed foreign “human rights” NGOs, politician and media that called the former Yugsolavians “macedonians”… and now seem to have developed a case of selective amnesia as the former Yugoslavians have turned into ancient Macedonians? Bet not. Illegals disrespectfully flood our sovereign borders and are framed as “immigrant” victims to Greeks? The victim is the perp. The perp the victim..

    Then you wonder why so many Greeks are hostile to foreigners these days?

  2. Thank your traitor hero and his leftwing sidekick Kaminis for this you no life looser hypocrite traitor.

  3. I went to the rally to get some food and all I got is my ass grabbed by a couple of guys wearing GD shirts and bras, wearing black lipstick. At least it wasn’t that ugly red lipstick that SYRIZA male comrades wear.

    Very concerned about transgender GD and SYRIZA men.

  4. If you nothing better to do with your time than attack me a rather than those threatening Greece YOU are the traitor.

  5. These are the obstacles and lies the Jews have put in front of whites our entire lives on this planet. WAKE UP, WESTERNERS!!


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