Greece Will Shutter Elementary Schools

52FC91596DC829C5DCC8735CB68C1BB6Education Minister, Constantine Arvanitopoulos, signed the final decision concerning the closure and merger of elementary schools and preschools all around Greece.

From September on, 118 elementary schools and preschools will be deleted from the school map of Greece. In particular, the decision concerns 31 elementary schools and 87 preschools, while 17 elementary schools and 12 preschools will merge with other schools.

However, apart from the closings, the Ministry of Education has proceeded to the establishment of three elementary schools, which it will staff with teachers when the school units are ready to open.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports, the closings and mergers will save 79,000 euros for 2013- as the changes will be implemented in the middle of the fiscal year- while in 2014 saving resources will amount to 228,000 euros.


  1. You want to save money? Cut the bloated parliament from 300 useless, expensive clowns down to 100. At 22,000 per month each to keep them torturing us, letting a few go would only help. USA has 537 total in the congress for a country of 315,000,000. Greece 300 for a country of only 10,000,000. Talk about redundancy? Useless payroll? But no. Let’s go lay off a few more teachers who now earn less than 1000 euros per month. Then close a lot of schools. .

    A dispassionate cleptocracy at its finest!


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