Kaminis 2, Golden Dawn 0 In Food Fight

    golden dawnFor the second time in two months, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has backed down from Athens Mayor George Kaminis who banned them from conducting another Greeks-only food handout and soup kitchen in a public square in the city on July 24.

    After vowing to go ahead this time, the extremists changed their mind after Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said he’d send in the police to block them, calling Golden Dawn a “pathetic copy of Nazi totalitarianism.”

    The party decided to once again shift the handout to its own headquarters. Kaminis, who was attacked in May by Golden Dawn MP Giorgos Germenis after banning the first operation, said there was no way the second one would proceed either, castigating it as an event which he said “consciously promotes racism and xenophobia.”

    Golden Dawn insisted that its plans for a handout were “100 percent legal” as it had informed authorities and that it would go ahead with the event. The party said that all its MPs and leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, would be at the event.

    Golden Dawn won 18 seats in the Parliament last year with 6.97 percent of the vote and has risen as high as 13 percent in some recent polls on the back of an agenda that is anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-Capitalist, anti-American, anti-European and promotes Greece for Greeks only.


    1. The title for this article would be much more accurate if it read:


      …and lets not forget the disgraceful role played by New Democracy Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias who wasted Greek Taxpayer money deploying riot police to prevent Golden Dawn from handing out food to impoverished Greek Citizens at Easter.

    2. I agree with you in this instance MSMiles. Dendias and Kaminis behavior are both disgraceful.

      It is one thing if someone in Golden Dawn is attacking illegals (which is criminal), quite another if they are simpy handing out food to Greeks.

    3. Hey Andy, what are you a front for the anti-Greek trolls at Amnasty International and the Guardian? Illegals are not “immigrants”.. Immigrants first ask… they don’t sneak across borders than rant “racism” to any leftist moron they can manipulate into staying.

      Andy is a treasonous idiot.. His alleged foreign comrades are effectively trying to commit GENOCIDE against the Greek people by colluding with Skopians (trying to erase our very identity to hide their shame for calling Skopians Macedonians) Meanwhile deluded Andy is irrationally using all his energy arguing for illegals???

      IMO Greeks concerned with maintaining Greek heritage should contact Greek Reporter and ask to have Andy fired for his constant anti-Greek rants.

    4. No-one is stopping Golden Dawn from handing out food to impoverished Greeks. They just can’t do it in Syntagma or Attiki Square. Why do they make such a song and dance about their “charity”? Thousands of Greeks give to their compatriots every day and don’t make a huge deal about it. Why do you think that is, GD sympathisers ? I believe it’s because those thousands of Greeks actually care about other human beings.

    5. It’s your traitor hero Samara and Dendia that sent the riot Police to support the scum Kaminis you hypocrite.

    6. You do have a point about this. GD like to provoke conflict in highly public places like the communists do. Nevertheless though our government should not be in the business of preventing voluntary food handouts to Greeks.

    7. You are cult following traitor that wastes your time attacking Greek patriots rather than criticizing anti-Greek foreigners and communists. Hellenism is not a political party. It is a way of life.

    8. Kaminis is certainly not banning them from giving food out, just giving it out in Attiki Square. It’s plain that GD’s aim is to gather support and sympathy for not being allowed to do so. In other words, he doesn’t want GD to further spread their racist and xenophobic propaganda as it pleases them wherever they choose and score political points at the municipality’s expense.

      Anyway, it is not a ‘free handout’ anyway as those receiving the
      grateful benefice will have to listen to GD speeches and give their ID
      details in return for the food. (Yes, actually give in the sense of
      their personal info be taken down for future use.)

      Apart from the fact that both the public distribution at Attiki Square (literally a 5 minute walk from their offices) and the insistence that one’s ID MUST be recorded are both illegal acts, any guesses what GD will expect in return as they politely knock on your down at election time to remind you of their ‘generosity’? Perhaps a little polite intimidation perhaps?

      To assume that food distribution is a charitable act is to show appalling ignorance. This is simply food for votes.

    9. No one is preventing voluntary food handouts, just doing it in public places for political gain. Thus there is no racism against Greeks as you wrongly claim in this instance, only Greeks stirring up hatred to all those whom they consider to be the cause of our ills: illegals (and all immigrants in general whom they see as responsible for our ills), gays, leftists and anyone else who fails to share their political vision of a totalitarian state.

      Does anyone care to disagree that were they to come into power they would effectively dissolve our democratic system and enforce a totalitarian one instead? That their political ideology holds in contempt our parliamentary democratic system?

    10. What are you, Alex? An immigrant in the US? Do you actually vote in this country or do you use your American passport to vote in the States? When was the last time you actually visited Greece? Have you ever contributed to Greek taxes or actually vote by proxy? Do you actually know anyone who is suffering from years of botched political governance by PASOK and ND?

      I am sure we would all like to know the answers to these questions as they would validate (or not) your comments. After all, actually living in this country does offer a different perspective than viewing it from afar as many of us believe you do.

      Of course, I am not suggesting your point of view is not a valid one, and you are very much entitled to your opinions, but I think most of us would agree that it is one thing to live in the Greece we are commenting on and quite another not to. Our opinions are thus either a greater or a lesser extent informed and not simply based on our political ideology and fears for our country.

      Take the Skopian issue you constantly refer to, for example. You will note that you are the generally the sole person to make such an issue out of it and you generally almost always allude to it. I am not saying this is an issue of unimportance (it is of course). I merely want to point out the fact that there are other more pressing issues that concern those of us who actually live here. Job security (if we are so fortunate to have a job that is), being able to live with little or no food for our family…. If you did live here you would know that hardly anyone talks about Skopia but the deteriorating state of our country that has been failed by corrupt politicians.

      So Alex, I ask you (with respect not malice), could you please answer these questions? I am sure I am not alone in wanting to know how qualified you are to make your opinions.

      And one last thing…. PLEASE do not accuse me of handle swapping, trolling, being a leftist etc…. It would be refreshing (and dare I say NICE) if you would simply answer these questions and be honest without lashing out in unpleasantness to anyone who disagrees with you.

    11. The Pigs won’t dare attack GD head on, since they know they (GD) will totally outgun and destroy the pigs.

    12. The communists advocate violence against Greeks. We would be best to direct your hostilty towards any anti-Greek foriegners that collude with Skopians and illegals.

    13. I am not a GD supporter I only align on the matter of unapologetically ejecting illegals from Greece and condemnation of anyone that references the former Yugoslavians as “Macedonans”.

      You are dead wrong to claim there is no racism against Greeks. There is massive racism against us these days. This is one of the key reasons why GD has arisen.

      Case in point,

      a. many foreigners now try to whitewash the Skopian’s transformation into “ancient Macedonians” and blanetently obvious state spondered irredentism. (including alleged “Human rights” Ngo). The patronizing Greek hating bastards are more interested in hiding their mistaken in recognizing FYROM than our human right.

      b. Foreign funded NGOs (partially funded by governments current hostile towards us) and media are manipulatively trying to frame millions of illegals that violated our borders as “immigrants’ and “undocumented workers” as if we don’t have soverignty rights. The demonize us for being hostile towards illegals.. while meanwhile in their own countries with far far leess illegals per capita… they deport them. Hypocrisy is not a believable argument.

    14. With “Mayor” Kaminis at a 3% approval rating, it appears Andy Dabilis is part of a small yet coincidently concentrated in the media, group of people that think there is anything worthwhile about this corrupt stooge .

      This infantile fool , as well as the rest of the Jewish-controlled media, choose to whine about the melody of a Golden Dawn song or about how the “absent mayor” uses violence against old people and children that want some food and to hear what Golden Dawn has to say, What they won’t talk about, however, is the amazing feat of a group of patriotic Greeks that distributed goods to thousands of people yesterday.

    15. The Golden Dawn aren’t even Greek Nationalist. They allow non-Greeks to join their movement outside of Greece and only attack non-white immigrants. They would not do anything to an immigrant from Germany because Germans are white but they are against Asians and Africans coming to their nation because they are non-whites. This is proof that they are just a bunch of Nazi white only supremacists. A true Nationalist would not let an non-Hellenic person join their movement regardless of their race. The fact is the Golden Dawn accept you if your white, non Hellenic. Greeks are closer to Iranians then they are to Germans and Brits also. The Golden Dawn are also communist and they are to uneducated to understand that. According to their program they want all land to be owned by the state and ruled by the state.