Special Settlement For Chinese Investors

OIKISMOS_533_355The possibility of designing and implementation of a high standard settlement in order to sell real estate to Chinese citizens was discussed on July 24 at the meeting held by the Deputy Minister of Development and Competitiveness, Notis Mitarakis, with a delegation of the Chinese company Jao Design, headed by the CEO James Jao.

As it became known, the plan is connected with the possibility of granting residence permits to foreign investors under the new investment law.

In parallel, issues concerning the incentives for foreign direct investments and the licensing system among others were discussed as well. The meeting was also attended by the CEO of Invest in Greece, Stefanos Isaias.

The company JAO Design International (www.jaodesign.com) was founded in New York in 1984 and has built more than 1,000 projects in China. Among these projects is the complex of ecological skyscrapers Shishi Yangneiting (424,000 sqm), the Seaview Gardens settlement in Quanzhou, Fujian Province (more than 300 houses in 680 acres), the central apartment of the city Yueqing, Zhejiang Province (18,2 sq. km) and others.


  1. These council flat looking buildings will ruin the cities more. It’s bad enough the cities are filled with ugly 70s apartment blocks.

  2. Yep, gated communities and the new global economy. In Iraq the whole government is behind big gates and guards.

  3. We should not oppose moderate legal immigration of people that bring something to the table to help Greece. Such people are national treasures.

    What we should strongly oppose is the riff-raff that lawlessly violate our borders then have the audacity to manipulatively rant” racism” to foriegn funded NGOs when we are hostile towards them. (with clueless leftists like Dablis taking the bait)

  4. PASOK and ND are selling off Greece to the Chinese for next to nothing…
    Are the Mayors the only “Greek Patriots” left to stop this government of crooks?

  5. here is the deal….

    If ten thousand Chinese businessman come in and invest 500K Euro’s each in real estate, we have 5 billion of economic activity. PLUS we get to teach them about our wonderful taxation system.

    So what is the problem? They are going to change our culture? Sleep with our whores? Or do we prefer to have a million illegal migrants sleeping under bridges?

    I have no problem with “bought” immigration when it creates what we desperately need. Ten thousand Chinese and ten thousand Russians and ten thousand Indians bringing billions is no threat to 11 million Greeks.

    As long as they come with……..Valitses mai lefta…….