TyroBox Makes Cheese Making Easy

tyroboxTyroBox, which means Cheese Box, is a container, at the interior of which, a cheese-dairy operates. It was created in Thessaloniki, Greece, about half a year ago, aiming at giving Greek breeders the possibility to produce their own cheese in a more efficient way.

By using this container, breeders can precisely control his production and try to maximize potential profits and cut costs. The container-cheese dairy TyroBox is standardized, of specific dimensions (13×3) and fulfills all conditions and requirements of the Greek legislation.

It is delivered ready for use, along with all required documents and the planning permission. The price of  a TyroBox is €60,000, as pointed out by the President of the manufacturing company Belgomilk.

The first TyroBox was purchased by a 44-year-old breeder in Larissa, Greece, who said that he had previously found such small cheese-dairies in other EU countries, as France and Belgium.

“I already use it for six months and the cheese I produce has been sold out,” he noted. He explained that anyone who has basic knowledge on cheese-making can work very easily with TyroBox.

Breeders Association of Greece (PEK) is monitoring the developments with interest. PEK President, Dimitris Kambouris, said that the breeders need more and responsible information about this specific standardized cheese-dairy.

For this purpose, an informative meeting may be organized, where those responsible will be called to inform the interested breeders about TyroBox and answer their questions. It is estimated that about 140,000 breeder families operate in Greece at the moment.


  1. In a related story….

    I’m buying cheese from a family that borrowed money to build a very modern small cheese factory. It was absolutely wonderful to see such forward thinking from what is essentially, isolated village family. Neat 600 square meter factory with the latest technology in the middle of nowhere. Employing local people.

    When I’m in Germany, I’m amazed at how every little town has a manufacturing area. That cheese factory brought into focus of….why not us? Why not small industry in every town?

    The paradise of small, productive industry married to a relaxed lifestyle! Ahhh yes….I’m a dreamer.

  2. How can we have industry when our communists keep ranting against business? Every successful Greek entrepreneur is painted as a crook.

    Too many of our leftists are complete imbeciles that are only good for grandoise hot air speeches about illegals, workers and the poor. Work? Ingenuity? Whazzat.


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