International Trafficking Leader Nabbed in Kavala

9D5321EB0A1755CE38DA1C50AB791F6EA police operation was conducted in Athens, Kavala, Volos, Corinth and Crete to dismantle an international criminal organizations trafficking of human beings and in Spain via Turkey.

The officers of the Security Department of the Police Directorate of Kavala on July 26 arrested a man of Greek origin and his partner, a native of the Dominican Republic, who are accused of involvement in the international network of trafficking of women from the Dominican Republic.

According to information from the Police Department in Kavala, the city of Kavala was the first station of the international prostitution ring that brought women illegally from the Dominican Republic, through Turkey and then promoted them to Athens and from there, either in big cities of Greece, or other countries, mainly in the European Union.

The male suspect worked as a municipal clerk in the municipality of Nestos. Three other women from the Dominican Republic were also taken into custody.

The suspected aroused the suspicions of his colleagues as he took frequent unpaid leave from work without reason. Police said he and his partner acted as intermediaries for women who came first to Kavala and then were moved around the country.

The investigations across Greece from the Prosecution Organized Crime and Human Trafficking of Attica Security, were conducted in cooperation with the Spanish authorities, with the assistance of U.S. authorities and EUROPOL.


  1. Human trafficking should be treated like murder. They willingly and knowingly place humans into deadly situations. So they should be tried for murder for any death related to their activity. Then add manslaughter charges to the any eyelid breathing leftist who claims that it’s “helping refugees”.

  2. When Golden Dawn governs Greece, criminals convicted of being involved in the trafficking of human beings shall be given the death penalty and swiftly executed. No dragging through the courts in appeals. Scum like this shall be executed within the same hour of recieving a guilty conviction. Greece shall be a no-go zone for the vile mafias that run human trafficking rings.


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