Samaras Moves Toward Total Control

Greek PM Antonis Samaras (L) and his left-hand man, PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos
Greek PM Antonis Samaras (L) and his left-hand man, PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos

With the Greek Parliament in summer session, and only 100 of 300 members needed to be present, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has quietly sent the body  a bill that would allow public sector reform to be imposed by presidential decree rather than bringing legislation to lawmakers. Samaras earlier used a ministerial decree to shut down the public broadcaster ERT and fire all its 2,656 workers.

Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative leader, is reportedly concerned about the possibility of dissidents undermining his coalition, which also includes the PASOK Socialists led by Evangelos Venizelos, who has become his Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister and agrees with everything the Premier says, including the coming transfers or firing of as many as 40,000 public workers over the next two years.

The two parties have only 155 of the 300 seats in Parliament and only a one or two-vote majority during the summer session and some of its MPs have shown signs of bucking the government over the firings which were demanded by international lenders in return for $325 billion in two bailouts.

The country’s crushing economic crisis was caused largely by the two parties packing public payrolls with hundreds of thousands of needless workers for generations in return for votes and they are now charged with dismantling the system they created.

Samaras has become more authoritarian but cannot rule without the backing of PASOK, which is polling at about 5 percent in the polls and without joining the coalition would be a marginalized irrelevancy. Together they have about 30 percent support.

Despite that, the coalition is favored by Greeks because the alternative is the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) which wants to step away from the deal with the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) but has no idea of where to get the money to keep afloat a bankrupt government.

Samaras and Venizelos have locked arms in agreement over reforms demanded by the Troika which will come back to Athens for another review on Sept. 9 to decide whether to keep loans coming. Virtually every review has followed the same procedure: the Troika makes demands, the government resists, the Troika threatens to withhold money and the government relents, although a number of critical issues are still being pressed.

Given the slim majority the government has it has been reported that Samaras and Venizelos have spoken to their MPs to order them to vote the way the government wants. In the past, rebels were immediately rejected but the majority is so slim that Samaras in an earlier vote only reprimanded his MP’s who didn’t follow his voting orders.

The fragile state of affairs has prompted some ND lawmakers to regret that Samaras did not call elections when the three-party coalition that included Democratic Left (DIMAR) collapsed in June. They believe the conservatives could have strengthened their position in Parliament as DIMAR left in opposition to the ERT firings. Venizelos had objected too but relented and was rewarded with power in the government.

DIMAR leader Fotis Kouvelis over the weekend repeated his belief that Samaras intended to go to the polls. “There was a plan for elections,” he told Efimerida ton Syntakton. “New Democracy believed that, even with two rounds of elections, it could gain power on its own.” Kouvelis said interventions from Greece’s Eurozone partners prevented the elections being called as he said Samaras wanted to consolidate power to gain complete control.


  1. The newspaper “Parapolitika” revealed some great news about Golden Dawn, before proceeding to attack Golden Dawn with lies and deceits.
    In a 4-page article titled “The egg of the serpent has hatched”, the secret poll the Prime Minister ordered , and LEFT HIM SPEECHLESS, was presented. According to the poll, Golden Dawn is estimated to be polling above 18% and we all know that -due to the hidden vote- Golden Dawns real percentage is well above 20%.

    This poll was also leaked last night on the “Kontra” TV channel.


    And all you “TRAITOR” Greeks who “loved the TROIKA” — Read this :

    “The time for the troika is over, says EU Commission VP Viviane Reding”

    Kathimerini — 28 July -By Nikos Chrysoloras

    “European citizens do not trust the troika, and they are right” says Viviane
    Reding, the Vice-President of the European Commission. In an interview with Kathimerini, the Luxembourg politician directs strong-worded criticism at the current decision-making process in the eurozone countries that have been bailed out. “Detrimental decisions, for example on whether to fire tens of thousands of public employees, should not be taken behind closed doors”, she argues. Greece is set to receive the next tranche from the EU-IMF backed bailout mechanism after it agreed to a Troika demand to put several thousand public servants into a “mobility scheme” that will eventually result in thousands of dismissals.”

  3. Do you mean to say Troika moves towards total control?

    What Samaras has to do with it? Samaras is trying to implement the stupidity of the Troika nonsense.

    Total control of what? Who in their right mind wants to own 100% this disaster called Troika austerity?

  4. Actuall Samaras was democratically elected. Those that argue for violence against a democractically elected government are anti-democratic.

    Fascinating how you are ageeing with the Skopian troller “andreas” whose calling for violence against Greeks,

  5. All austarity represents is trying to finally balance our budgets. The pain we are feeling is a result of confidence in our economy and lack of focus on business and innovation.

    Some Greeks don’t want to change though. They’ve learned to heavily depend on the government and thus blame everyone else but themselves for their economic predicament.

    If we want to improve Greece, it will require Greeks focusing more on their own economic output and worrying less about what they can suck back from others.

  6. According to modern leftist definition of words.

    “dissidents” equals leftists
    illegals equals “immigrant””
    democracy” equals leftwing ideology
    “human rights” equals leftwing ideology
    Hellenism equals leftwing ideology

    Orwell warned about this sort of thing. In Dablis defense. He doesn’t do it consciously. He’s just too slow witted to know what’s going on around him. He just uncritically parrots what his masters at the Guardian and foreign funded NGOs say. (same sorts that call FYROM “Macedonians”)

  7. Alex, its ‘austerity’ not ‘austarity. Learn to spell your own language
    Why do we have to see’ North Korea?
    What’s the comparison, our Greek Governments lies and propaganda?
    I think us actually living in Greece know the effects of the austerity, which by the way is imposed by the TROIKA. Not by our Governments choice as you are trying to imply.
    Yes, we are seeing our real economy not the pseudo-economy that was built on accounting trickery and credit, this enforced austerity is revealing this, except you do not understand why or the causes, and the real hindrances we have in our society in moving forward.

    We are seeing just how rotten our Government really is and continues to be, and thats ALL the parties here in Greece also, OK. So don’t call me a SYRIZA, or a GD supporter or a ‘Skopian false flag troll posting under different handles’ you childish little schoolboy.
    Their is so much published evidence to support these facts and ongoing deals and corruption, except you never choose to comment on any of these articles do you?
    Why is this?
    Learn some global economics and politics.
    Greece is not America, and we don’t wan’t to be.
    So if you can’t be helpful, then keep out of our affairs.

  8. ****elections being called as he said Samaras wanted to consolidate power to gain complete control.***

    Kouvelis the Insignificant said this? That Samaras wants a majority government? SHOCKING! JUST SHOCKING! Andy deBlogger, I’m stunned that you brought this earth shattering news.

    Could you write 1000 words about where the sun will rise and fall? I’ll give you a lollipop for your troubles.

  9. I agree. We should be unified on the streets and demand that someone should pay for our entitlements. I’m just having a hard time figuring out who that should be.

    I’m also in favor of getting rid of asscracks. I mean, think about it, it divides instead of unifying.

  10. Dablis is a leftist that just slanders Samaras. He’s such a moron he doens’t realize by doing so he is handing an election to treasonous communist Syriza.

  11. and another example of your immaturity ‘Alex’, as usual. The same old slandering and avoiding the truth and the tough questions

  12. Nice evasion. Doesn’t change the obviously you are a “new” poster that seems to know what a bit about this tofurm.

    Use one handle and stop repeating the same crap trollski.

  13. fyi – Andreas is a Skopian. On another he goes on with Risto lines about “Big fat Greek liar”, ranting about “genocide”, and how Greece invaded line in 1913)

    Again… this website is being heavilty trolled by Skopians. (more than one and they keep changing handles)

  14. OOHHH..!!!!
    What new posters are not allowed..??
    Somehow your silly little mind believes this is your little closed forum, and policed by yourself..??

  15. Still desperately trying to convince actual Greeks there are no Skopians handle swappers here? Defending Skopian “andreas”. What a surprise!

    Given this is blatantly obvious to any regular with half a brain, given your obsession with me for pointing this out, it logically follows you are either one of the Skopians or a moron. Which is it?

  16. Where are your posts? No one can find them trollski. And why your defending Skoping “Andreas” above?

    Logically you are either a Skopian or a moron. Which is it?

  17. Alex,
    Clicking on your name reveals so much about you, you idiot.
    All your comments set of alarm bells and any sensible new reader or poster will check this out to see what they are dealing with.
    It reveals your ‘DISQUS’ account and comment history, moron, and the depths of your neurosis and madness.
    This is a new account of yours as you have been posting your crap on GR for a few years now, as any google hacking will reveal.
    Most people have learnt to ignore you, I will eventually learn this also.

    Until then, I am still enjoying it

  18. There are not going to be any elections for another 3 years. Syriza is not even a candidate. Just professional opposition getting paid by the Greek state 12 Mil. euros per year to provide the theater.

  19. There may be a civil war in Greece if leftist fanatics keep heaping on over-the-top rhetoric against our current moderate government

  20. The opinion of the UK re unreliable. They call the SKOpians “Macedonians”, pretent not to know they supported on this issue, and pretend not to notice the Skopians little transofrmation.

    In short, they are racist towards Greeks.

  21. Very familiar with website. The academics there are cCompletely ignored by the modern British establishment and alleged “human rights” NGOs despite the fact they include well l accredited third parties from reputable universties in the UK as well.

    While our leftist morons go on and on about illegals, they are so clueles they don’t understand both FYROM and its apologists, including foreign funded NGOS, are literally trying to delete the Greek people (but subtlety by deleting our very identity as Greeks)

  22. Alex • 17 minutes ago
    Unemployment is not the fault of the government. Its the fault of the unemployed.

  23. Alex • 17 minutes ago
    Unemployment is not the fault of the government. Its the fault of the unemployed..


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