Unmaintained, Olympic Stadium Roof Creaking

oaka_500_355The Olympic Stadium roof of the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens (OAKA), designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava for the 2004 Olympic Games, has gone neglected and needs at least 130 million euros ($172.6 million) of urgent work.

That was the report in the newspaper To Vima which said the impressive structure, part of which is now covered with graffiti and overrun with weeds, has not been maintained since it opened almost nine years ago and apart from some athletic contests, is abandoned, and the roof is creaking already because it hasn’t been taken care of.

The government, which spent as much as 15 billion euros to host the games, said it doesn’t have maintenance money for the symbol of the event. “Because the necessary funding wasn’t secured and the studies weren’t approved, our service didn’t proceeded to the competitions for its maintenance,” the Ministry of Culture said in a statement.

Deputy Minister of Culture Yiannis Andrianos said that, “The roof of the Olympic Stadium is a metal construction which requires continuous maintenance and control during its life, as all the metal constructions of such a magnitude do. We will make every possible effort to secure the relevant funding and to proceed to the relevant contracts with contractors who will be chosen through the relevant competitions, in order to maintain the safety and the functionality of the roof and of all the metal constructions of the OAKA,” he said.


  1. Failing to think ahead is an all too common Greek failing. This is due to the squabbling and egocentric Greek mentality which has not changed since the time of Admiral Codington, who said in 1815 he was not troubled by the Turkish Navy : his biggest problem was the squabbling Greeks.

    In Greece, we do not want, even if most people have not figured it out , that we are trapped in a camp of restricted area, the natural borders of our fatherland, constantly under the threat of an imminent financial disaster. Trapped in a daily, nightmarish and recurring reality. The worse kind of prison.

    Greece is trapped in this daily nightmare without apparent end, that of being constantly under the threat of imminent financial disaster. Alas this is of the country’s own making, but no easier to escape from than if it were a natural one. For the majority of Greeks this is due to their lack of courage and inability to escape from the rigid mindset of the past – due in part to Andreas Papandreou’s profligacy with Greek money. Come on young Greeks. Face reality, Break away from paternalism, ignore the views and control freakery of your parents. Take an example from the Ancient Greeks and set out on your own Odyssey, prove you have the courage and imagination. Only a new beginning can rescue your fatherland.