German Tourists Beaten On Crete

merkel_ellada_811_355_811_355Three young German tourists, who were having their holidays at Hersonissos in the Greek island Crete, Greece, were reportedly beaten by a group of Cretans, another incident of violence on the island which has seen a spate of rapes and a murder of a tourist.

According to eyewitnesses, it all started with no cause or reason. The German friends were walking at Hersonissos, when three Cretans wearing black clothes approached them.

When the Cretans realized that the tourists were German, they attacked them and beat them. One of the tourists had his leg injured and was holding crutches, officials said. They pushed him on the ground and did not beat them due to his condition.

The two others received several hits on the head and the legs and were immediately transferred to a private clinic that functions there right after. According to reports, during the beating, the three suspects were insulting German Chancellor Angela Merkel (seen here) and Germany, which has been insisting on harsh austerity measures in return for backing international bailouts.

Crete suffered atrocities by the Nazis during World War II after putting up fierce resistance to an invasion.

Crete hasn’t been doing as well as other Greek destinations and islands in drawing tourists in what looks like a record year for visitors for Greece which is depending on tourism to help offset a crushing economic crisis.



  1. Well, I guess the people from Crete are fed up and do not like the Germans any more after Merkel keeps butting her big nose into Greek affairs.

  2. well, the same as the finger of aphrothite in Focus, it was published 2 years ago, but the Germans start feeling it now!

  3. Is that your attempt to show you are a “Greek” patriot? Argugin we should support randomly beating up Germans? Seriously you probably be in prison or mental health institution.

  4. Stupid sensationalist article. The author has no evidence to assert the motives for the fight was because they were Germans.

  5. I stay every summer in greece. Last summer my wife came the first time with me. She love it from the first day… We speak a little bit greek with the people on the streets, on the gas station, sto magazi 🙂 and all the greeks are very nice to us!
    We drive with our german car across saloniki, olympos, chalkidiki, asprovalta, serres, kalamata and thassos. No scratches, no evil eyes, no bad words… The greeks suffer below the bad system… But dont hate the simple people – the are on your side.
    Cu Ellada!

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  7. I didn’t say Greeks were like “al quada”… I said worldarts was like al quada.

    And who are you with four posts to your name already trolling me and defending worldarts who support treasonous communists? Perhaps another handle of worldarts or a Skopian?

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  9. I’m Greek and I have no problem with Germans (other than any Germans that hate Greeks of course). The only Greeks or Germans that hate one another are the fanatics.

    In Germany people that read populists rags like Bild are more prone to being racist towards Greeks (the ones that go on an one about mess we made of our government fiances while conveniently forgetting massive German debt defaults post ww1 and 2)

    In Greece, communists Syriza supporters and GD supporters are the ones prone to being racist against Germans. The communists in particular slander Germans as “fascists” (as they are shameless self-righteous parasites opposed to austerity… aka finally getting around to balancing our budgets )

  10. Ασε μας ρε φιλε που θα με πεις και Σκοπιανο! τι πινεις και δεν μας δινεις?

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    Na ftaxoume ten economia mas hriaste thoulia oxi comminsti malakes.

  14. δουλεια? ποια δουλεια? οι Γερμανοι καταστρεψανε τα παντα εδω δεν εχει μεινει μια δουλεια ολος ο κοσμος ειναι ανεργος, καθε μερα 2000 ανθρωποι χανουν την δουλεια τους πως θα σωσουμε την Ελλαδα οταν δεν εχουμε δουλειες?

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  16. Some Germans are populists that trash talk Greeks… but then some Greeks are populists that trash talk Germans.

    Germans can be accused of being overly self righteous in their rhetoric
    against Greece (especially seeing as Germany stiffed Greece and many
    others for WW2 damages) However, Germans are still in no shape or form
    to blame for our debt. Blaming the Germans or anyone else for out debt
    is not only unfair to them, but distracts us from fixing the real
    reasons that got into this mess (that being an over dependence on the
    state and lack of focus on technological innovation and business)

  17. which work man? they have destroyed our economy with their stupidity! 2 million unemployed, nearly 1/3 of population ,which one of them will help to fix this economy?How? and by they way how you explain that the most corrupted company in Greece was Siemens? yes the German Siemens….this company with the help of corrupted politicians stollen billion from the greek people by overprising and getting jobs from government,jobs that never finished, how you explain that the ex-president of siemens in Greece, Christoforakos a person who spend million in corruption , just before he arrested from Greek police, and with the help of the Germans and some Greek corrupted politicians ,left to Munich and he still stays there under German protection, the same moment he is a fugitive in Greece! what you have to say now about the Germans? they are still inoccent? believe me this country started 2 world wars , and they create nazism , they are able to destroy again. and stop talking about skopians, i dont care what they say, and i dont want to know about them! we speak about Greece and why Greeks hates Germans!

  18. Who is “they”? The illumanti? We have destroyed our economy? I’m Greek as they come. I don’t hate the Germans. Only the parasite hate the Germans because they, rightfully, insist on austerity in return for loans. (

    Saying I should “stop talking about the Skopians” suggests you are a Skopian.

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    By all means troll.. ignore me.

  21. Why do my fellow Greek Australians focus on the Skopian issue? That issue was resolved in 1912. The Greeks have more important issues to deal with. Greece has suffered through countless wars. There are many good people here (I am on holiday here right now). They are always polite, they never expect a tip, and in fact they are somewhat offended by this American trait.

    Maybe if Greece did not also have to put up with the USA continuing to support Turkey and therefore forcing the Greeks to fund their military to counter balance them, they would have more money for important things.

  22. Wrong. The Skopians also tried to annex Macedonia when they collude with the Nazis during WW2 and later when they colluded with Greek communists during civil war.

    The vast majority of Greeks are offended by Skopians propagandists trying to usurp our identity and threatening our country again with “Macedonian” word games yet again.

    The better question is are you actually Greek….or one of the LYING Skopian handle swappers that keeps generating new handles here? (seeing as you have only three posts to your name and already taking up Skopian positions)

  23. i think you better think twice when you beat a turist especialy when most of your income is depends from turism.And i do not believe that average german have nothing to do with germanys rough political hard line against greece.So do not blame them about your failure