Turkey’s Floating Brothel Savarona Off Skiathos

savaronaThe historicl ship and national symbol of Turkey, Savarona, which had been functioning as floating brothel, as it was discovered three years ago, was seen anchored outside the Greek island of Skiathos by euro-crimes.

In 2010, the Turkish government confiscated the luxurious sailing boat that used to belong to Turkey’s founder, Kemal Ataturk, after it was found out that the boat has been used for parties with prostitutes from Ukraine and Russia. Eight women and two minor girls were taken to the hospital for examinations.

The Savarona, of 136 meters (446-feet) in length, has been rented to a businessman from the Turkish Finance Ministry. “I gave the necessary guidelines for the agreement’s cancellation,” Finance Minister, Mehmet Simsek noted.

He added that the ownership of the boat passed to the Finance Ministry. “If the company will not agree with the agreement’s cancellation, the case will go to court and we will try to cancel it judicially,” he said. According to the Turkish news agency Anatoli, the customers of the prostitution network were charged $3,000-10,000 per night.

Insulting the memory of Ataturk in Turkey carries a penalty of imprisonment. The Turkish state bought the boat in 1938 and the same year, Ataturk spent some weeks there.

“The prostitution scandal on the boat is a great insult to Kemal Ataturk’s memory,” Mehmet Sevigen, an MP for the opposition Republican People’s Party, the founder of which is Ataturk, noted.

Some wanted to desecrate it. The scandal was revealed when Turkish police  saw it anchored at Mugla and decided to make an investigation. When they entered, they saw girls from Ukraine and Russia, even minor girls working there as prostitutes.


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