24 Illegal Migrants Drown in Aegean Sea

    illegal immigrantsA total of 24 illegal migrants were found dead in the international waters of the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey after a speed boat carrying them capsized, according to a report here on Wednesday.
    Antolian news agency first reported that 18 bodies in the sea were found by coast guard teams and then updated the number of dead to 24.

    The illegal immigrants lost their lives Wednesday when a boat carrying them sank in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Ezine, a district in the northwestern province of Canakkale.
    Initial reports said the immigrants were traveling to the island of Lesbos in Greece. Twelve others who were also on the boat during the accident were rescued alive.

    Dogan news agency reported that the boat capsized around 10 miles from the Tavakli neighborhood of Canakkale province.

    The captain of the boat called the Coast Guard at around 2:00 a. m. and said there were 30 people on board.
    The rescue operations are underway with four boats, with one helicopter and a coast guard plane continuing to search for more people in the sea.
    However, there is no detail information on the nationalities of the illegal migrants and where they were from as well as their final destination.
    (source: Xinhua)


    1. Where is FRONTEX in all of this? Why are we not using UAVs to track the movements of such illegal trade and report it to the Turkish authorities before these boats leave Turkish waters?
      Why do we let these boats come closer to our shores and then be implicated in a crime that originates in Turkey and as such it ought to be 100% Turkish owned?

    2. These would be illegal immigrants arrogantly and with criminal contempt for Greek sovereignty and immigration laws, attempted to penetrate Poseidons kingdom which guards Hellenic soil, but failed miserably, with fatal results.

    3. This topic is generate a lot of controversy. I can see it happening. All the do gooders are going to start screaming. Two things need to be remembered.
      1. Turkey’s consistent involvement and complicity in all this.
      2. The so called migrants by now must have got the message that Greece is not very welcoming and hostile yet still they come risking life and limb.

    4. Mark this day on your calendars. Greek Reporter used the word “ILLEGALS” rather than I’m a front man for US military funded setimes.com Dablis’s manipulative use of the word “immigrants” to describe these people.

    5. What do you care about Greece? All you do is whine about our colation government like communist Syriza… who want to make it much easier for illegals to come into the country. Whom do you think will win the next election if we don’t back the current government? Perhaps the currently leading communist Syriza that wants to give citizen to millions of illegals?

    6. You are responding directly to one of my posts. You have thrown in a hostile response. It sounds suspiciously like trolling to me. Hmm, we seem a little hypocritical, don’t we Alexaki?

    7. Au contraire mon ami, it is you who constantly evades the issue of your Greekness and your credibility. So tell us where you are from in Greec and I will answer all your questions.

    8. I would once again note you evaded answering the question.
      You claim to be against communists but whom do you think will win the election if the current government falls? Syriza no?

    9. These are the words of the UK Minister Mark Harper incharge of immigration.”We are sending a clear message to employers who choose to use illegal labour – we will find you and you will pay a heavy penalty”. The UK is sending them back why we are not doing the same??? Why we are keeping them in the country??? Read this http: //uk.news. yahoo. com/illegal-immigration-raids-140-arrested-225908592.html#Qpswr46

    10. Some these these patronizing NGOs that go on and on about illegals in our country are funded from the UK, (who have far less lilegals per capita while deporting them…. than us while some pf their citizens lecture us to keep our illegals.)

      Our problem is our moronic leftist parrot anti-Greek trash like modern British Guardian. They are such idiots they frame illegals as “immigrants” (see Dablis). The Guardian also calls the Skopians “macedonians”. All the “Greeks” they use to talk about this name issue ALL call treasonously call FYROM “Macedonia” and all of them are LEFTISTS.

      This is why I keep warning about the Greek left. A fair chunk of them are treasonous and anti-Hellenic while the rest of them pretend not to notice.

    11. The rest of europe should help greece, instead other European counties make them fend for themselves