Bomb Attack at Grill House in Kolonaki

Bomb Attack at AthensAn explosion occurred at a grill house in Kolonaki. According to preliminary information, today, Wednesday July 31, at 5.28 in the morning, two motorcyclists riding separate motorcycles threw a bag with dynamites inside the grill house. The three employees who were there, threw the bag on the street and the explosion occurred outside the grill house.

However, a piece of dynamite ignited inside the grill house and an employee from Bangladesh was slightly injured in his attempt to extinguish the fire.

The explosion of the improvised bomb caused damage to the adjacent buildings. The windows of the apartment block where the grill house is, are broken up to the 4th floor, while the explosion caused serious damages to the opposite buildings as well.

The bomb squad is collecting bomb residues and investigating the spot of the explosion.


  1. I dont understand how, people in a European country can get their hands on dynamite to blow people up. Politicians maybe, but not innocent people. Obviously the control of explosives in Greece must be very relaxed