Roger Waters’ Concert in Athens

AE0F135DDC4CD927C58DBD76709E405A“We don’t need no thought control,” are the famous lyrics of The Wall that signaled the concert of Roger Waters on July 31 at the OAKA stadium of Athens.

“Hello, Athens. I’m so glad to be here,” were Waters’ first words. He also added –using Greek words correctly – that the concert is dedicated to all the victims of state terrorism all around the world and ended up saying, “Your language is rather difficult, but never mind!” The show began with the Wall as the background, that changed colors, shapes and symbols during the two-and- a half- hour concert.

The highlight of the brilliant rock concert was the finale of the song Run like Hell, when the performance was awesome and stunning and Roger Waters in fluent Greek called out “Thank you,” to his Greek audience. Moreover, another notable moment of the night was the performance of the song, Βring the boys back home, together with the presentation of poverty and hunger images in the background.

The concert came to an end at 11:30 p.m. Some people say that it was not an extraordinary rock concert, but a rock opera concert or even more a political manifesto. What was extraordinary, however, was the fact that the OAKA stadium was not packed. The VIP seats were also almost empty. It was too strong and vivid a show to be attended only by very few people, which could be attributed to the economic crisis or the August holidays.