Koutzamani First Female Supreme Court Prosecutor

    EYTERPH_473_355Efterpi Koutzamani has been appointed Greek Supreme Court Public Prosecutor after the resignation of Ioannis Tentes and will be the first woman to hold the post, which has a three-year term.

    “I am honored to have been selected for the highest post in the hierarchy of the prosecution,” she said. “I am fully aware that I am taking the reins… in an exceptionally difficult period,” she added.

    Her name was made known for her involvement in the trial against members of the November 17 terrorist group.

    She was born in the Greek island of Mytilene in 1975 and was known for having ordered urgent disciplinary research on the conditions under which a municipal employee had taken nine postponements within two years.

    Koutzamani enjoys the esteem of her colleagues, for her character, as well as for her legal knowledge, they said. She  won the vote of confidence by male Deputy Public Prosecutors in the Supreme Court.

    Nikolaos Rozos, who will leave the judiciary in 2015, was appointed President in the State Council. Yiannis Sideris, Dimitra Papantonopoulou, Nikolaos Leontis, Antonios Athinaios, Grigorios Koutsopoulos and Spyridon Mitsialis were promoted to Supreme Court Vice Presidents.

    The position of Supreme Court President was filled by until-recently Vice President Michael Theoharidis, who will retire next June.

    Minister of Justice Christos Athanasiou stated: “I am convinced that the chosen with the ethos, the administrative capacities and their scientific training will serve deservingly the Justice of our country, as they did until today and will decidedly contribute to the institutions’ defense, as well as to the acceleration of the Justice’s award, which is a claim by the citizens and a condition of our country’s development.”


    1. Give them hell, Efterpi! Show the ‘old-boy school’ how a prosecutor should really act in the public’s interest. We are counting on your swift and lethal decisions.