Turkish Airlines “Eyes” Olympic Air

images (1)According to Turkish media, a proposal has  been officially submitted for the sale of the 100 percent of Olympic Air to the the national flag carrier airline of Turkey, Turkish Airlines.

Under the deal, Olympic will reportedly keep its name and brand but only for two years, along with its flight operations, crew and staff but then it will take on the name Turkish and the staff and crews will wear Turkish uniforms.

Temel Kotil, President and CEO of Turkish Airlines told the newspaper Zaman that the offer is by 19 million euros larger than Aegean, Greece’s largest carrier, offered for Olympic, once the national airline of Greece and founded by the late shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.

Specialists in competition issues expressed reservations concerning Aegean’s bid, which, according to the Financial Times and CNN Turk, seemed unlikely  to be enough, especially with anti-monopoly concerns from the European Commission. It was also reported that Aegean is next on the list for acquisition by Turkish Airlines which would leave Greece with no major airlines of its own.


  1. Some of our lefitst morons have confused Greece for countries like US, Canada, and Australia (that define their identities by citizenship rather than ethnicity). Our leftists are about as “Greek” the staff of NY Times that they parrot.

  2. The US f-cked over Greeks in the name dispute. They couldn’t give a crap about Greece or anyone else but themselves.

  3. So what? This does not mean most contries don’t have regulations on the percentage of foreign ownership of their airlines. In fact many countries also regulate telecommunications in such a manner as well. TROLL!

  4. Maverik isn’t a bad guy but he hasn’t thought through his views. He realizes the treasonous communists are the last party we should support but doesn’t realize if we all attack our current government the treasonous Skopian and illegal loving antiHellenic Syrza are the ones who’ll win the next election.

    In fact even most moderate leftists don’t know most of our communists are “Greeks” only in geographic name sense not in sense of identity related to ancient Greeks.

  5. Turkish Airlines’ move to buy Olympus and put Turkish uniforms on Greek employees is wrong. Greeks cannot like this in any form. As a Turk, I share the feelings of Greek commentators here. Turks should leave Greeks alone should avoid any moveinjuring their national pride.