McDonald’s Will Stay in Greece

McDespite the closing of branches in Omonia Square in Athens and in Thessaloniki, McDonald’s said it’s going to stay in Greece and try to boost its business in the face of stiff competition from Greek fast-food franchises.

The official Developmental Licensee of McDonald’s in Greece, Premier Capital Hellas, stressed in its announcement that their goal is to further support the company’s brand in the country.

In a statement, Premier Capital Hellas said the Thessaloniki McDonald’s was under the direction of a local franchisee and not the company’s control and said that a replacement is already in the works.

The company said it  believes” in the potential of Greek economy and market by continuing the investments in the country with the implementation of its development and investment plan, despite the difficult economic environment”.

McDonald’s noted it has opened a new restaurant in Hersonissos, Crete, the third on the island and said it has invested more than 400,000 euros ($530,105) in the operation.


  1. Hersonissos, Crete would be better off investing in an emergency intake center to better serve the violent tourists than just another hamburger joint.

  2. Does anyone remember when the McDonalds site housed PAPASPIROS the greatest KAMAKE spot in all of Greece…Golden days!

  3. I think McDonalds burgers are better than Goodys but Greeks are a bit political when it comes to Mickey D’s. they feel good sticking it to the American God by eating soy burgers at Goodys.