Minister of Culture Booed at Herodion

2E7C4A768EA713824FBD79D29E2DF6E7The Minister of Culture, Panos Panagiotopoulos, provoked the audience’s strong disapproval during his welcoming speech at the opening event of the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy on the topic, Philosophy as research and lifestyle.

When Panagiotopoulos said, “Greeks can live on little,” the audience reacted strongly.

However, he continued his speech despite the audience roaring its disapproval and calling him to end his speech.

The Minister of Culture addressed the audience saying, “Help in order for our world to become more fair and humane,” and the audience reacted once again.

The situation was calmed, when the music program of the Municipality of Athens Orchestra started.

The World Congress of Philosophy started on August 4 and will last until the August 10. More than 2,000 philosophers from 105 countries are in Athens, including Jürgen Habermas and Umberto Eco.