Greek Justice Responds to Publication About Rapes in Malia

EF81D9742FD8E52FBD60BA0ECDB80320Greek Justice responded to the provocative publication of the British newspaper Daily Mirror, which presented the touristic region Malia as “a hellhole of rapes of British women,” based on reported incidents.

The development of criminal cases shows that in many cases, there wasn’t a rape and the indictable offenders were released with rulings of the Misdemeanors Council of Heraklion.

It is also interesting the fact that over the last three years, three cases of rapes of British women went on trial with the offenders also being British. In other cases, the Judicial Council stated that there was not enough evidence for a rape charge based on all the evidence at the disposal of the judges, and the cases were finally dropped.

The cases of four men from Heraklion, of two British men, of an Albanian and of a Tunisian man are typical. The men were arrested, detained and accused of rape against British women who were on vacation at Malia and Hersonissos. All eight men were released with a ruling, as there was no evidence to prove the rape.

Another indicative case is that of a 30-year old Tunisian, who was discharged by the Judicial Council. The man was accused by an 18-year old British woman, who was on vacation at the region Analipsi at Hersonissos with her parents and her relatives.

The young British woman claimed that she had met the man at the hotel and that the man was there to visit a friend. After a night out, the 18-year old woman returned to her room. She said that he followed her and that he persuaded her to follow him to his room, where he raped her. According to what is stated in the ruling, the coroner didn’t find any bruises or signs suggesting rape. Moreover, according to the witnesses’ statements, it seems that the woman was calm when she got out of his room, while she didn’t show any verbal or physical resistance both before and after the sexual intercourse.

Legal circles underline that in this way, Greek Justice is actually sending a message to those intending to take advantage of situations, unfairly involving people with whom they willingly had sexual intercourse.

Lawyers and police officers claim that compensations from insurance companies are a very strong incentive for these complaints. As they explain, the plaintiff can claim compensation from the insurance company with the translation of a copy of the file formed by the relevant police station.

They also commented that there are cases where young women decide to accuse someone of rape out of shame, or in order to justify what happened while they were drunk.

They also said, “There should be an overall reaction to those cases, which are rigged and glaring. Many young women from other countries come to Crete for tourism and they have turned this to a profession.” “The trick is familiar. They “plan” their rape- usually shortly before leaving for their homeland- seeking compensation from insurance companies. Many times foreign women lodge their complaint with great delay, giving vague information concerning the location of the incident or the characteristics of the perpetrators.”

“Then, invoking shock, they refuse to be examined by a coroner and very often leave for their countries before forensic procedures are completed,” the lawyers of Heraklion said.


  1. So basically Greek Reporter is now blaming the ‘so called victim’. I find it very hard to believe that most of these ‘rapes’ have been made up.

    The women usually give up because like most non Western European countries (Greece included) the police would have made it hard for the victim, especially if she had a drink with the potential rapist. The police in these countries would have mocked her when she gave detail of the incident. Then there is the language barrier and the lazy police missing out their stint at the taverna with their colleagues at that particular hour.

    As a woman Maria, you should be careful with your words because you have indicated that most of these ‘insurance claims’ are scams.

    You need to go to UAE as a single woman and drink a glass of orange juice. Then you will see victimisation. Cow.

  2. Actually it is well documented (around the globe) that woman sometimes make false accusations of rape. (sometimes stigmatizind and traumatizing innocent men for life)

    Unless an incident can be proven in court, the perp is presumed innocent. Unfortunately this leads to rapists something getting away with their crime. However this is the way court system works.

    Trying to suggest that somehow the police or Greek people support the raping of woman or against woman’s right is absurd (and frankly racist towards Greeks)

  3. many are made-up, many are not. regardless the rapes are being committed by manily British citizens. the Brits dont know how to properly “party” they drink till they cant stand up any more, and then they wonder why they wake up to a bed full of men they haven’t seen before. its not you’re fault. now if youd like to witness true partying and having fun come to greece and go to a night club filled with greeks. also please dont compare an Islamic country to a country like greece. even though greece is struggling with corruption and an economic crissis im 100% sure the police know exactly what there doing

  4. Many years ago, my cousin, a female was brutally beaten in Greece. The police officers did nothing to arrest the man who beat her. They asked her what was she wearing and was she flirting with him. She was being stalked by this man before the attack and gave a full description and the first name of this criminal and the police refused to even question him. Greek police do not effectively pursue the crimes committed to tourists, including Greek Americans. They know we are eventually leaving the country so why should they waste their time when they could be drinking coffee and checking out the female tourists themselves. The Greek Reporter should investigate and report the many criminal acts committed against Greek Americans in Greece. I, for one, know of many. I am sure many of you reading this comment can say the same. A Greek American family visiting Kos was brutally beaten, as a young man was protecting his younger sisters that were being harassed by the locals. The entire village protected these criminals from being prosecuted. The Greek American family never gave up and eventually the assailants were found guilty of the brutal crime they committed. It basically took the family over ten years to have them caught and convicted. Kudos to them for seeking justice.

  5. P.S. Maria, you are an idiot for blaming the victims. Perhaps if this happened to you or a member of your family your tone would be different. Good luck

  6. Brits are problematic in their own country, they do not respect other people’s cultures and wherever they go they cause mayhem between themselves…British woman are ho-res, they can’t do what they do when they go on holidays in their own country because they know they will sent to the nick…

  7. The Greek legal system does not instantly believe claims of rape on say-so. There has to be proof on non-consensual sex. Willingly participating in consensual sex and then claiming “rape” does not fly. Unlike too many countries in the West that are brow beaten by political correctness to believe anything woman claim, following a man into a hotel room means that you are not going there to read poetry.

  8. I agree with Alex. The presumption of innocence is the basis of the judicial system and I wouldn’t want to see it changed. It is certainly better than the other way around.

    Sun, sea and alcohol is a deadly combination and Malia has all of them in abundance. I’m sure many people of both genders regret things the morning after.

  9. Taking time off from you busy day ranting for violent communist revolution nut job?

    Are you even Greek worldarts? Why do you take anti-Greek positions on every issue?


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