How Much Do Tourists in Greece Spend?

jlqadkxtzv5200ab99c6d62An average of 15.5 million tourists visits Greece each year and spends an average of 627 euros each, according to a study carried out by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The same study mentions that 83 million tourists visited France last year, more than the country population which is 66 million.

France attracts at least 16 million more visitors than the USA who rank second followed by China, Spain and Italy in the top five.

However, despite the overwhelming popularity of France as a holiday destination, it seems rather difficult for the French to persuade tourists to spend money in their country. Greeks also appear to have the same problem.

In France, tourism contributes seven percent to the GDP, offering more than even the automobile industry. However, the average of money spent by tourists (487 euros) is by far lower in comparison with every other country in the top 10 of visitors, except for Russia.

Visitors in the US spend an average of 1,420 euros, 944 euros in Germany and 941 euros in the United Kingdom. Tourists at Macau, (which lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta across from Hong Kong to the east), a well-known casino destination, spend the impressive sum of 2,422 euros each.


  1. It depends on the length of stay:

    Australian, Canadian, American, Russian and Swiss tourists spend 1,000 euros and above.

    Tight fisted Germans (tsingounithes) about 700.

    Also off season tourism brings lower revenues than full season tourism on per capita basis.

    You can’t really compare FYROM, Turkey and Albania spending during Jan-March with spending in July-September by all other countries.

    The average spending is not a very useful metric. It tells you nothing about what your best customers are and where they come from and when.

  2. As a Greek Canadian we will not travel to Greece unless it can be for a minimum duration of 3 weeks. Since we rent a car, travel to islands for at least 4 days and remainder staying at Athens and Kalamata, I can say we spend around 2500€ per person minimum. This does not include fact we have a house and pay taxes and utilities. The biggest concern for people Ive talked to in Canada and USA is that air flight in Greece is expensive. During summer months you need avg 1500$ just for flight. If someone has only a week to 10 days to vacation that is expensive for them as they will need with flight 3000$ to go to Greece and stay at ok hotel. With that money you can go all inclusive to bahamas etc at top hotels. Greece is expensive to the regular traveller outside of Europe.

  3. True. For a family of 4 I would say a minimum $10,000-$15,000 to cover everything if your departure point is North America.


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