SYRIZA-ND vs. Golden Dawn Pitched

Petros Tatsopoulos
Petros Tatsopoulos

Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed, but this could be the strangest one yet: the New Democracy (ND) Conservatives and their bitter enemy, the major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA).

That’s the idea of SYRIZA outspoken MP Petros Tatsopoulos who said the rivals have to form some kind of faction to combat the rising influence of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party at the next elections,, even though Prime Minister and ND  leader Antonis Samaras takes positions similar to the extremists, particularly an anti-immigrant stance.

Speaking to ANT-1 TV, Tatsopoulos said that opinion polls over the last few months had consistently produced two “unpleasant” findings: a narrow difference between SYRIZA and New Democracy and that Golden Dawn is Greece’s third biggest party. “This would allow a pure Nazi party to become the key component in the post-electoral landscape,” he said.

“We could find ourselves in the unpleasant situation of having a government whose survival will depend on the Nazis being willing to tolerate it, which would create a Nazi agenda,” he said.

Tatsopoulos has frequently criticized Golden Dawn and he argued that the neo-Nazis were already having an influence over Greek politics, citing the withdrawal of an anti-racism bill by Samaras and his coalition partner, the PASOK Socialists. “Rather than have a situation where the Nazis set policy, my view is that we should look at other solutions,” Tatsopoulos said.

The SYRIZA deputy’s view was welcomed by Democratic Left, whose spokesman Andreas Papadopoulos said via Twitter that Tatsopoulos’ suggestion deserved closer attention. He also described the author as “one of the few who is battling” Golden Dawn.


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  3. Hey commie boy… why do you support treasonous Syriza? Are you really “Greek” or a skopian troling us? Rather strange that you keep calling for violence against Greeks and support the Skopians favourite party.

  4. Therefore, people who vote for communists are not communists? People who vote for ND are not conservatives? etc etc

  5. The Nazi salute you refer to is actually a roman salute (see google) copied by Mussolini and then Hitler. It a right wing fascist salute in its true meaning. I have no idea about their tattoos and praising Hitler. I did hear Mr Mihaloliakos asked in an interview on Kontra channel in Greece what he thought of Hitler and his reply was he was a historical figure much like stalin who did a lot of damage to Greece.

  6. Exactly. Mr Metaxas said the famous NO to Mussolini and GD praise Metaxas so why does the “Left” refer to GD as Nazis? Mr Manolis Glezos the 90 year old veteran of SYRIZA was a communist who fought Government troops in the Greek civil war 1946-1949.

  7. Don’t be ridiculous, neither Greeks nor Germans are significantly Altaic. Even Anatolian Turks are essentially IE they just adopted a language from non-IE steppe peoples like the Magyars did.

    The only racially Altaic people in Europe are the Noghai, Everyone else is either IE or from a stock related to the IE speakers (Basques, Circassians etc).

  8. Yes.

    The Zaza were racially stratified by caste like the Yezidis in Sinjar, the Turks made a point of targetting people who looked Nordic in their supressions so that the indigenous social order would wither.and the people would more readily Turkicise. The Zaza are to be identified with the Commagenians and the Cimmerians BTW. As far as I am concerned they are white and European (I am concerned with blood not geography).

  9. I am now almost certain that you are Jewish. The instant offence and venom of your post, in response to what even the Israelis themselves acknowledge was a military humiliation for the Israeli army at the hands of lightly armed Hezbollah infantry suggest you a Jew. No Greek, would be so angry in their defense of the Israeli army. You are Jewish. Golden Dawn will solve the Jewish problem in Greece and ide guiding light to all European nationalists on how to implement a Final Soltion to the Jewish problem in their respective nations. A Pan-European Golden Dawn approaches!

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  11. Hopefully Golden Dawn understands the globalists and Zionists their fighting, and won’t allow Greek frustration over austerity be misdirected towards “German” EU bureaucrats, who are screwing over Greece “just like the German Occupation.”

    As if Angela Merkel cares about the German people.

    Anytime a European group desires self-determination: American Whites, Greeks, Boers, its always the same usual suspects who come out to destroy them:

    -The organized Jewish Community.
    -Western backed, particularly Washington-London backed N.G.O.s and wealthy individuals like Soros.
    -The U.S. military and state (which is in no way is controlled by the U.S. people.)

    Any kind of nationalism is in their cross-hairs, for we are the rebels in their post-cold war Empire.

    Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was an intolerable “Arab Nationalism,” a threat to Israel, and thus only a few steps away from National Socialism in the eyes of our worldly dictators. Now, Syria fills that role.

    Milosevic’s Serbia represented European Nationalism. It didn’t matter what race, or ethnicity this nationalism was: it had to go.

    Sometimes, they’ll support Nationalism that temporarily support their agenda. Kurds in the Middle East, or Black grievance in America.

    It is entirely temporary, and one should fully expect to be betrayed by these people.

    Greeks need to understand this as it relates to Golden Dawn. They can see themselves as Greeks fighting against old injustices by their fellow Europeans, but their primary enemies do not. To them, your just a noxious toadstool breaking their status quo, that must be crushed in order to facilitate their glorious vision of a new world order.

    Its heartening to find that Golden Dawn sees the proper enemy.

  12. Ha. You Nazis think everyone’s Jewish or working for Jews. I am an Greek. Do you even know the Golden Dawn? You obviously don’t.

  13. They make alliances with other whites, just like how Blacks make alliances with other blacks from various descents, what’s wrong with that? It’s a shared struggle, we don’t want to take Greece from the Greeks, we want to help them keep it, thus Non-Greek whites have been making donations along with other Greeks from abroad. They are definitely Nationalist, if you read their program properly, you’ll see it is Fascist. Communism is completely different, it doesn’t allow someone to earn what they deserve unlike with Fascism, which allows freedoms, not to be confused with Capitalism, because as much as you can be free to earn what you deserve, if you hinder the nation as a whole by selling land, cutting prices and selling out on it, the state steps in, but of course, so-called ‘Anti-Fascists’ wouldn’t know that, they shout ‘Fascist!’ and don’t even know how it works.

  14. Again GD is not a “nazi’ party not is its leader a Nazi (although arguably he is a fascist). Nazis is specically a reference to German fascists. (e.g. the Italian fascists during WW2 were not “Nazis” ).

  15. Unfortunately the revisionist history isn’t limited to our communist fanatics. Some within GD seem to be in love with fascism. They try to portray Metaxas as aligned with the fascists much like the communists do. Metaxas was a Hellenic patriot not a fascist.

    Some “Greeks” seem to think fascism or communism are synonyms for hellenism . For Hellenism one must look to ancient Hellenes for a proper conceptualization not foreign countries, foreign ethnic groups and foreign ideologies.

  16. Calling Bulgarians “thracians” is sort of like caling Turks in Constantinople “Greeks” simply because they live on the same land Greeks once did.

    Bulgarians aren’t “thracians” either culturally, linguistically or biologically. In fact, Greeks have a closer connection to thracians, Paeonians, et al than any of our neighbours do. Bulgarians are slavs that entered the region far after the Thracians disappeared.

    Essentially any connection the slavs have to people that lived in the region prior to their arrival is through whatever mixing they did with Roman citizens living in the region upon their arrival.

  17. Again. Any similarity is purely a coincidence. Ancient Greeks had no conceptualization of the term “Swastika” or 20th century foreign ideology of nazism.

    Using Nazi ideological symbols as being the same as ideology behind ancient Greek symbols.,… is llitle different than arguing ancient Greeks were actually Islamist because they also used a crescent moon.