Ramadan Closing Feast Celebrated by Turkish Tourists

tromaktikoHundreds of Turkish tourists are going to celebrate the end of this year’s Ramadan in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. The tourists from Turkey will visit Northern Greece by car, bus and air. Ramadan celebration ended on August 7 followed by a three-day holiday.

Major hotels in the two regions are prepared to offer special services to foreign visitors, such as menus tailored to the Turkish tourists’ dietary habits.

Turkish tourists mostly prefer four-star and five-star hotels.

“At this time, any hotelier from Thessaloniki with a hotel in this category would say that he has reservations by Turkish tourists these days” tourism agent  Mr. Chatzimanolis noted. According to what he said, the tourist flow from Turkey will increase after August, since on the 16th of the month, Kemal Ataturk’s House-Museum is going to be officially opened.

“This summer there has been a total rise in overnight bookings from Turkey by 35% (already been confirmed for the first half of the year in real terms), while we believe that the increase will be around 40% for the whole summer,” Chatzimanolis added.

According to both information from the State Department and from several migrant associations in Greece, it is estimated that the number of Muslims will reach 700,000.


  1. Why not? Tourists are here for a few days only and then spread positive messages to their country for years or until their next visit. There is no better way to promote one’s country and culture but tourism.

  2. I do not have problems with anyone visiting my country but the problem is them coming here for their Eid…If we allow this to happen year after year than say goodbye to our Greek culture…Greece is a Christian country not a Muslim one…