Olive Trees Make Way For Railroad

olive grovesThe Hellenic Railways Organization (ERGOSE) will sell 17,500 olive trees from olive groves in northern Peloponnese in order to construct the new railway network.

The trees are in olive groves which were expropriated along with fields in Korinthia and Achaea, as the new Athens-Patras railway track is expected to pass through those areas.

The competition was launched and the trees will be sold preferably for transplanting or for firewood.

The trees are located in two places of northern Peloponnese: in the region Elaionas of the Municipality of Diakopto and in the region of Rododafni-Erineos-Panagopoula-Psathopyrgos-Rio. Members of organizations of the region of Achaea are complaining because the expropriated olive groves are very old and of historical value.


  1. Cutting olive trees….sound so bad. Unless of course you see the price of oil. I have lots of olive trees (and orange trees) and make ZERO money on them. I keep them simply because they are an inheritance.


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