Tourist Arrivals in Greece Take Off

greece steps_b1Greece’s busiest-ever tourist season continues to get better with news that there was a 9.28 percent rise in air arrivals, mirroring that of arrivals via ship. Some 6,887,532 people have flown into Greece so far this season with the country on target to see 17 million visitors.

The data came from Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) and gave a boosts to the country’s beleaguered economy although the per capita spending figures haven’t been totaled yet.

The biggest rise was noted at the airport of Kalamata where the arrivals of foreign passengers recorded a rise by 43.51 percent. Chania followed with 20.25 percent while in the third position stood the most popular Greek island of Santorini. In contrast, in Athens, Samos and Skiathos arrivals dropped as stated in the same announcement.

The arrivals in Athens reached 1,438,886 presenting a drop of 0.43 percent. In absolute numbers, Athens maintains primacy, but Heraklion is just a breath away as the arrivals in this city of Crete recorded an increase of 17.03 percent and reached 1,340,889.

The arrivals at both the two international airports of Crete (those of Heraklion International Airport, Nikos Kazantzakis and Chania International Airport Ioannis Daskalogiannis) reached 1,828,213 representing 26.54 percent of the total arrivals.

Regarding arrivals, Crete and Rhodes are the heavy weapons of the Greek tourism industry as in those two islands it was noted up to 40.6 percent of the total air arrivals.


June – July 2013June – July 2012Difference (%)



  1. o.k. but keep in mind that it is the receipts that count. So, publish the data from SETE for the monthly receipts of June, July, August, September and October which are the super productive months in tourism.

    BTW, air arrivals are not the only means of gaging Greek tourism. There is also sea and land. We now know that Turkish tourists for example who tend to come by land and sea are far better spenders than the German and Dutch because they go out, spend money on food, buy things and stay in 4 star and 5 star hotels.

  2. The question is why the government didn’t take this step earlier??? Is it to do with corruption again??? I know for facts that civil servants in some Greek embassies abroad do take large sums of bribes to give visa like in China with some civil servants in the visa section do take large sums of bribes to give visa and in HK and in Egypt and the list goes on. So what has happened??? Now Visas are flying like never before. I hope this will give a good boost to tourism in Greece and also I hope this action by the government will remain…


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