Chinese Man 1st To Get Residency Permit

7E372FDD375E0D8BA630A923186873F5Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ plan to lure people with money to the country by offering them residency permits for buying properties worth more than 250,000 euros ($331,600) has its first recipient: a Chinese national who bought an apartment in Attica.

The contract was signed under the new investment law 4146/2013, which provides the granting of residence permits to non-EU citizens if they meet the benchmark set for property acquisitions.

According to the announcement of the real estate company BuildUp, the contract was signed in the framework of the exclusive cooperation of the Greek company with the Chinese company CSDH for the promotion of Greek real estate to the buyers and investors of China.

The transfer, which was signed on Aug. 8, is for a two-story maisonette located in a suburb of East Attica and close to the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport. The price stood at 252.000 euros, with the objective value of the house being at 160,000 euros, ($212,222).

The buyer is the Chinese businessman Jin Hong from Beijing. The company Hong operates is in real estate market. The company will apply for the issuance of three residence permits for itself and its relatives.

People who can’t afford to buy expensive properties will have to face more rigorous procedures for renewable residency permits, including Greeks of the Diaspora whose families came from Greece. Foreign nationals who can afford to buy property will go ahead of them in line.


  1. This is pretty deplorable. As usual, “money talks and bullsh-t walks.”

    Well, this is not going to sit well with our friend Alex on this forum. As the “arbiter of Greek ethnicity” (the judge of who has it and who does not), and by the powers of his recent self-appointment to “Czar of Racial purity,” he will be rather dismayed that the Chinese gentleman is trumping diaspora Greeks for access to residency permits.

    Alex–you better sit down when you read this.

    And who wouldn’t be angered? This elitist and desperate policy totally sucks.

  2. More anti-Greek gibberish trying to muddle geography with ethnicity.

    If a Greek (or anyone) moves to china I can assure you the local chinese will not consider them ethnic Chinese. They will consider the a Chinese citizen.

    Actualy you’ve made youself the “Czar of Racial purity,” trollski. You are the one that argued we are not “real” Greeks using racial arguments. (not to mention look the other way as your Skopian friends turn into “ancient Maceodnians”)

    Tell you manipulative patronzing RACIST anti-greek BS to someone that hasn’t heard all before. Sorry buddy. As a NON-Greek you will never be a spokesperson for Greeks. You are more likely candidate for your “ancient Macedonian” pals in FYROM

  3. I knew that article what hit a nerve with our “Czar of Racial purity.” If anyone is unsure just how Greek they are–just let Alex inform you of the truth. By the way–he also sees himself as the censor of this site. Deciding who has the right to comment and who must leave.

    Alex–don’t ever change. You have become just too funny. We would all miss you if you ever decided to leave us.

    But as for me–I am going to geive everyone else a break. I promise I will not agitate or friend anymore. His rants become just too unbearable. So with you, Alex (and with you only) I will be signing off.

    As Groucho Marx once said, “I’ve had a great time . . but this wasn’t it.”

    Hope you find peace, pal.

  4. Blah blah blah blah. More empty of substance narration.

    In case you didn’t notice… NO GREEK SUPPORTS YOU troll-ski. The actual Greeks on this website are starting to clue into your games troll-ski. As a NON-Greek you are in no position to be a spokesperson for Greeks. (especially seeing as you collude with the ancient Macedonians of FYROM)

    I hope you rot in Hades you sack of Greek hating human excrement.

  5. You try to manipulatively pawn yourself off as “Greek” here then lecture others on ethics. Too funny.

  6. IN other news…. Tonto and his Skopian pals move to China.

    There the claim to be “ethnic Chinese”, claim their Bulgarian dialect is “Chinese language” and declare Emperor Han their national hero!

  7. Yes, Samaras & fat boy Venizelos, just sell Greece’s citizenship out to the rich for 12 pieces of silver, you Judas!

  8. I live here. I am a citizen of this country with papers that give me the right to live and work here. I pay my taxes and contribute to, not only the financial coffers but to the community that I live in. I have the rights of a citizen of this country including the right to comment on and even critisise! I have friends all over the world, including many Greek friends who enjoy those same rights. I will not be told by you Alex or by anyone that every time I open my mouth that my desire is to ethnically cleanse Greece.

    A ridiculous argument that damages relationships between citizens of this country amongst other negative results. Leave us Greeks and non-Greeks who wish to contribute to life here alone. We do not appreciate the name-calling and accusations you bring to the table. We are looking for real solutions and ways to live together and contribute in these troubled times. Being called genocidal maniacs is idiotic at best. I will not respond to you again either.

  9. What ethnicity are you then? You hold Greek citizenship, but you are not of Greek racial descent. So what are you? A Slav from Skopia? An Albanian?

  10. You being a Greek hating nut job that tells us to vote for communists and start a civil war are in no postion to lecture anyone troll.

    Are you even Greek or just another false flag troll?

  11. Are you smoking crack? I never said you can’t express yourself you slanderous POS. And I never said a non-Greek can’t be a Greek citizen.

    What I oppose is those that try to ethnically erase Greeks. Those that collude with the SKopians are GENOCIDAL towards Greeks (effectively trying to delete our very identity)

    Given you put words in my mouth, mode up Tonto who calls the Skopians “Macedonians”, mod up morons like worldarts who constantly calls for violent revolution and tells us to vote for communists… I really don’t give a crap if you don’t write posts to me. You are RACIST towards Greeks.

  12. Hey dude… if you claim to be a golden dawn supporter… whats with modding tonto who calls Skopians “Macedonians”. Are you just stupid or a false flag?

  13. If he were non-Greek ethnically it would certainly explain why he stays silent about Skopians and tells us to support communists.

  14. Ah look… alleged Greek worldarts, who argues for us to murder Greeks and vote for treasonus communists….also supports Tonto… who calls the Skopians “Macedonians”!

  15. His question is fair. Your ethnicity does have relevance when you come trolling Greek forums constantly ranting against Greeks. You seem to be an nationalist from another country that is racist towards Greeks.

    Where are you originally from? Did you enter Greece legally?

  16. Hilarious. Of the three handles modded you up tonto….

    1. “Worldarts” a nut job who very probably is not Greek given he argues for violence revolution, supports communist fanatics Syriza, and is nowhere to be found when SKopians come here ranting to commit genocide against the Greek people.

    2. “twopenceworth”.. a certified NON-Greek that rants and rants about Greeks on this website (claims to support ‘human rights”.. .then looks the other way with Skopians threatening Greece0

    3. “ShekleGoldBerg” some deranged racist idiot obsessed with Jews.

  17. Chinese people are good people hard working and they love greek history and culture.. they come to greece and they respect our land and greet us with smiles, germans on the other hand come to greece they dictate to us how to live our lives, greet us with sneers and truly believe they are better then us.

  18. Get ready, the Chinese will start buying everything, you can not compete with them, they buy in communities and pay double what a property is worth. This will leave the Greeks on the streets, the same way they have done it to Australians.


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