Designer Hilfiger Holidays In Greece

140813133156_6749Joining a long line of celebrities picking Greece for a summer vacation during a record-breaking tourist season, noted clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger is taking his holiday on the island of Skiathos.

He arrived at the island in the Sporades with his private jet directly from New York and together with his wife Dee Ocleppo. They are guests on the luxury yacht of Philip Green, the TopShop owner.

The yacht is anchored off Maratha beach and its famous guests are having a good time in the crystal blue waters of the island.

The group has visited several beaches, including Skiathos and Vromolimnos, while Hilfiger and his wife have been roaming the main town.

A few days before, Green’s yacht had also hosted the actress Kate Hudson and she reportedly will be followed by English model Kate Moss.


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