Jazz Fest Set For Kozani

Tzaz_KozaniKozani, a town in northern Greece, is known for its music tradition and has various talented musicians, who are recognized worldwide in the field of classical music, jazz and other music genres, and it’s going to show off the genre with an international festival Sept. 4-7.

A connection with jazz with the town has been developed for several years, both by its musicians and of the particularly warm audience, which always support music.

Jazz Friends Association in Kozani and the Municipality of Kozani-Cultural Organization, in collaboration with Kozani Regional Unit of the Region of West Macedonia have organized the event that will feature concerts, seminars and jam sessions, aiming at the town’s cultural upgrade and the festival’s safeguard as an institution to the cultural events.

The festival in question has a special character. This is the jam session, in which musicians all around the world will have the joy to play music together and get to know with one another, exchanging musical experiences and offering something unique to their audience.

Top musicians from all around the world will participate in the festival. Christos Rafaelides (vibes), Hector Martignon (piano) New York USA, Panayiotis Andreou (Bass), Mauricio Herrera (drums) New York (Cuba), Lior Yekutieli (Guitar) Israel, Giotis Kiourtsoglou (Bass), Marc Halbheer (drums) Switzerland, Dimitris Mahlis (guitars, oud), California USA, Anastasiadis Kostas (drums), Christos Germenoglou (drums), Giotis Damianidis (Guitar), Petros Damianidis (Bass), Vaso Dimitriou (Guitar), Maximos Drakos (piano), Haris Charalambous (Bass), Kallistratos Drakopoulos (drums), Natassa Mare Moumtzidou (vocals), Giorgos Tzoukas (piano), Lakis Gimkas (Bass) and Manolis Koutsounanos (drums).

The festival’s opening will be held on Sept. 4 at Ermionio Hotel. The concerts will take place on Sept. 5-7 at the outdoor Municipal Theater of Kozani.