Cruise Lines Cancel Santorini Stops After Island-Wide Blackout

    SantoriniSeveral cruise lines have changed course after a power station fire caused an island-wide blackout Tuesday on Santorini.
    MSC Cruises Fantasia and Pullmantur’s Zenith, both scheduled to call on the Greek island today, came up with alternative plans because services for passengers, including shops, restaurants and the famous cable car, weren’t working. Fantasia went to Mykonos, representatives from the line said, and Zenith proceeded to Heraklion in Crete.
    Ruby Princess and Holland America’s Noordam were docked in Santorini Tuesday when the electricity went out. Passengers who were stranded at the top of the hill when the cable car stopped were brought down by bus, spokeswoman Karen Candy with Princess Cruises said. “All tours returned back on time and the ship sailed as scheduled.”
    Cruise Critic is waiting to hear from Holland America to see how their passengers coped. Celebrity Cruises is scheduled to call on the island Thursday, and Cruise Critic has reached out to ask about itinerary changes to Reflection.
    Wire services report that generators and repair equipment arrived today at the Greek island, which draws up to 150 cruise ships and 120,000 visitors during the current peak tourist season. Officials quoted in an AFP story said that the outdated electrical grid on the Greek islands undergoes stress in the summer.

    Mayor Nikolaos Zorzos told the news source that generators and repair equipment arrived Wednesday morning and that the situation is improving “by alternating the power flow to different areas.”
    (source: cruisecritic)


    1. Inexcusable short-shortsightedness. For a place so strategic touristically, better, more accessible back-up systems for power should have been prepared.

    2. A volcanic Island like Santorini, with unlimited geothermal power to rely on mazut and diesel generator’s instead is beyond comprehension. This is why Greece has an 18 Bil. euro energy import problem and 99% energy dependency.

    3. As I remember Greece was the recipient of billions of euros for infrastructure and employment development when they entered and began sucking off the EU. As Georgaki so famously said, “Pou Piga?”

      Take a helicopter ride over Northen Attica and just look down at the marble palaces, the swimming pools, sumptuous gardens and the six-car garages. You kinda get the answer. Oloi einai Patriotes!

    4. The islands never got connected. It has been a problem for decades and it has nothing to do with European funds. It has to do with rate of return. There is no economic justification for an expensive network hook-up while the islands get a 4 month overuse while they are dormant during the rest of the year. It’s a simple case of not able to justify the investment. Europe will never give you funds for such seasonal project.

      Therefore the answer here is self-reliance. As we speak there are great winds in the Aegean. Therefore Santorini and other islands need to have an energy mixture for wind, solar and geothermal that covers all the island’s needs.

      Or hook up the island with the new Israel-Cyprus-Greece EurAsia interconnector:

    5. “tonto” is a NON-Greek foreign nationalist trolling us (as evidenced by him calling the Skopians “macedonians”)

    6. Welcome to the Greek Myth!

      The fact that they don’t have safety controls such as a sprinkler system to put out a fire says it all.

      Only a serious govt would have made immediate arrangements to fix the problem.


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