HS Teachers Moving To Grade Schools

    teachers_390_0303The Greek government’s so-called mobility scheme that will move or fire 40,000 public workers will lead to the transfer of 6,025 schoolteachers from junior high and high schools to elementary schools.

    While Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said a program is still being developed to evaluate who will be included so that workers won’t be chosen on a political basis, the government has already published a list of educators it said aren’t needed at the secondary schools and will put them where there are shortages in elementary schools.

    There aren’t enough spots for all of them though so some 1300 or so will likely be fired. Those set to be transferred have been given until Aug.23 to express an interest in what positions they would like to fill at elementary schools before the ministry informs them where they will end up.

    The ministry has identified a shortage of 3,876 teachers at elementary schools, particularly in languages, computing, arts and physical education. There are also 828 administrative positions that have to be filled. The workers for whom there aren’t currently position will receive 75 percent of their already-reduced pay for up to eight months and then let go if another job can’t be found for them.

    They are likely to end up in the government’s mobility scheme for public sector staff, where employees will receive 75 percent of their salary for the next eight months. If no new positions are found, they face dismissal.

    The government aims to place 12,500 public sector workers in the scheme by the end of September and another 12,500 by the end of the year.