What Is It Like to Be Greek?

keep-calm-and-go-greek-23Over the last few years, so many controversial things have been heard of poverty-stricken Greece since the economic crisis broke out. Rise in the unemployment rate, in social inequalities as the rich got somehow richer and the poor poorer. Greece has been several times hit by the media, being characterized as the country of shadow economy and tax evasion. But there are two sides to every coin. I bet you don’t know what being Greek is really about!  So let’s see…
We like being Greek:
Because we have a small, poor country full of big-hearted people.
Because we never pay a visit empty handed.
Because there is no way to explain to foreigners what the word “kapsoura” really means (burning desire for someone).
Because there is a Greek in every corner of this planet.
Because “filotimo” (friend of honor, helping someone because it is a shame not to) does not exist in any other language in the world.
Because Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were Greek.
Because we invented the theater.
Because we gave birth to Democracy.
Because we are proud of our culture, not of our wars.
Because when we were building the Parthenon, others were still sleeping in trees.
Because we distinguish between Eros (falling in love) and Agapi (innocent love).
Because Eros was a Greek God.
Because “Greeks do not fight as heroes, heroes fight like Greeks” (Winston Churchill, 1941).
Because we are not ashamed to burst into tears.
Because we dance when we feel blue.
Because 97% of the stars are named after Greek words.
Because our parents do not forget our existence when we stop being teenagers.
Because we face every difficulty with humor.
Because the Olympic Games were born in Greece.
Because our sky is blue, not grey.
Because 40% of the Oxford dictionary is made up with Greek words.
Because we know what “Kefi” (propensity to fun) means.
Because Homer wrote Iliad 3,500 years ago and Hollywood turned it into a movie just recently.


  1. Hilarious. 4th suckup attempt to Dean in 24 hours… who opposes your leftist views (much like Alithia who you also tries to “compliment”) Desperate to make allies?

    What’s the matter Tonto-ski… afraid no Greek is going to support you now that they know what you stand for?

  2. Hey dean…

    (just filling in for Tonto-ski the manipulator)

    You are handsome man, with a ginormous brain. great heart who I think is the bestest person in the whole wild world-ski.

    No Greek loves me here now that they know I take the side of “ancient Macedonian” former Yugoslavians threatening Greece. I want to be popular again. I want people to mod me up so I can show Alex how unscientific polls make me right-ski about everything-ski

    if I blow you can we be best friend-skis on Greek reporter?

  3. No Greeks seems to be modding you up anymore Tonto-ski. What happened to all your popularity?

    Oh well… take solace that at least new handle-skis and guest-skis mod you up. I’m sure they are all “Greek” patriots.

  4. Alex:
    It would suit you better if your dialed down the emotional stuff and helped us here to assist Greece in every way possible. Alienating half of the Greeks here on political or other grounds does not make for a united Greece. It makes for a divided Greece which is precisely what all the enemies of Greece want.

  5. In case you didn’t notice Greeks are divided and some even treasonous (ala Syriza). Burying our heads in the ground around serious issues like FYROM and treasonous communists will not make them go away. We can’t be afraid to speak out for what is right.

    You would be far more rational spending your energy attacking Greece’s enemies (like Tonto-ski and the Skopians that troll this website) over its friends.

  6. But why are you obsessed with FYROM? Do you see what is happening in Albania today with all the pressure at the border?
    I showed you before that FYROM is an important export market for Greece.
    Show me a way to double Greek exports to FYROM and then you can say anything you want provided you don’t cause damage to Greece.

  7. We’ve been over this. FYROM is not just about territory They are trying to delete our very identity. Alone they wouldn’t stand a chance but they are getting massive outside help (including by some of our former allies that look the other way)

    I don’t want to double exports to FYROM. I want us to get rid of this pseudo-state. As long as it exists, this issue will drag on indefinitely.

    Those that evade dealing with this issue are harming Greece. They are like a sick person that is too afraid to face the reality of the cancer that is trying to kill them.

  8. Alex:
    To initiate an attack you go into an enemy’s territory. In this case the FYROMian press.
    What you are doing here is defense. The type of defense that attracts more of Greece’s enemies.

  9. BTW, since you are not a trained diplomat I would suggest that you read first and get in sink second on the official positions of Greece re: the name dispute issue. It looks like that able Greek diplomats have covered the ground already quite nicely as it needs to be covered professionally:


  10. If Greek diplomats were competent on this issue, FYROM would never have been called “Macedonia”.

  11. That the best you can do? Attack me when the troll is going on a blood libel rant against Greeks?

    And whose this “us” you keep referencing Tonto-ski? No Greek here supports you. (hardly surprising given you collude with Skopians threatening our country)

  12. Replying to your own posts now Tonto-ski? You keep taking aboout “guys’, “us’ and “we”…. but who are you referencing? No actual Greek here supports you.

  13. You keep talking about “we” and “us” Tonto-ski. Where are the Greeks here that support you calling the Skopians Macedonians?

    Chirp chirp.

  14. “No actual Greek supports you. . .”

    Hey Alex, wake up to the stats on this site:

    Alex: 2232 rants 567 upvotes 25% supported
    Tonto 312 rants 272 upvotes 87% supported.

    So who loves ya baby?

    Where I went to school anything below 50% spelled:

  15. You ain’t paying attention lately tonto-ski. Now that every actual Greek here knows where you stand on FYROM issue… no Greek is modding you up-ski!

    The ONLY ones modding you up now is a Skopians false flags or foreigners with some bone to pick with Greek. I’m actually glad you’re sticking around. I check up now on who mods you up to figure out who is NON-Greek. Keep up the good work-ski!

  16. Living in Greece in 2013 (or even in the 90’s) feels lucky in comparison to a living in Africa or in some Asian countries but unlucky compared to most European countries, USA, Canada and most of all Australia & New Zealand.

    Greece will not change as long as the Greeks (not the immigrants) vote again and again people who have proved unworthy, criminals and care only for their interests. Greece will not change unless the constitution will be re-written by people for the people.

    Personally I feel trapped as it’s so hard nowdays to immigrate legally into a non EU country. There are so many restrictions and applications that it’s impossible to relocate unless you are a much wanted person in your work field which I’m not. Being 40 with half of my life passed I can’t afford to immigrate illegally or live the next ten years with the fear of not being accepted and deported.

    I was never proud of being Greek, at least since I went into puberty and I started to think for myself. The Greek mentality is the biggest problem of Greeks and it will not change as long as the education in schools is so bad. Greeks need to learn they don’t have many things in common with the people they lived in this place 2000+ years ago. Greeks need to put aside religion (all religions) and they need to respect first themselves and then all other human beings. Greeks need to put common interest above personal interest and realize the country they live covers only a tiny portion of the planet, surely Greece is not the most beautiful place in the whole world like many believe.

    Having said that, I have no hope for this country neither for the human race as long as there is no respect for the planet and financial interests are put above humans & animals. Another war is coming, I’m sure like the last ones will be done to save the innocent and the helpless…