What Is It Like to Be Greek?

keep-calm-and-go-greek-23Over the last few years, so many controversial things have been heard of poverty-stricken Greece since the economic crisis broke out. Rise in the unemployment rate, in social inequalities as the rich got somehow richer and the poor poorer. Greece has been several times hit by the media, being characterized as the country of shadow economy and tax evasion. But there are two sides to every coin. I bet you don’t know what being Greek is really about!  So let’s see…
We like being Greek:
Because we have a small, poor country full of big-hearted people.
Because we never pay a visit empty handed.
Because there is no way to explain to foreigners what the word “kapsoura” really means (burning desire for someone).
Because there is a Greek in every corner of this planet.
Because “filotimo” (friend of honor, helping someone because it is a shame not to) does not exist in any other language in the world.
Because Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were Greek.
Because we invented the theater.
Because we gave birth to Democracy.
Because we are proud of our culture, not of our wars.
Because when we were building the Parthenon, others were still sleeping in trees.
Because we distinguish between Eros (falling in love) and Agapi (innocent love).
Because Eros was a Greek God.
Because “Greeks do not fight as heroes, heroes fight like Greeks” (Winston Churchill, 1941).
Because we are not ashamed to burst into tears.
Because we dance when we feel blue.
Because 97% of the stars are named after Greek words.
Because our parents do not forget our existence when we stop being teenagers.
Because we face every difficulty with humor.
Because the Olympic Games were born in Greece.
Because our sky is blue, not grey.
Because 40% of the Oxford dictionary is made up with Greek words.
Because we know what “Kefi” (propensity to fun) means.
Because Homer wrote Iliad 3,500 years ago and Hollywood turned it into a movie just recently.


  1. You are either Skopian, Albanian, or Jewish.
    You are hell bent on creating an image of Greeks disliking other Europeans. This is total garbage. Greeks love their European brothers and sisters. I too am Greek, and I have nothing but boundless love and admiration for all European peoples. If by small chance you are Greek, then your views are not shared by even 1% of the Greek population. You are a lone lunatic.

  2. Greeks have similarities only to where ancient Greek colonies were around the Mediterranean i.e. Italians, Thracians,Catalanes, south of France and similar places in the Black Sea region. It’s all in here, read it and understand your heritage. Science is not a matter of opinion or belief. It’s hard facts:


  3. this article nicely explains why the rest of the world roll their eyes, when it comes to Greece/Greeks!

  4. Your racist comments against Greeks sums up nicely why Greeks feel hostility to bigots like you.

  5. Calling the rest of Europeans “barbarians” when Greece is currently second rate is inappropriate.

  6. Calling Germans barbarians is not only consistent with the historical record but also with the present attitude of these uncivilized savages.

  7. This article only demonstrates Greek leftists have no idea what’s going on around them.

    Unbeknowinst to most of them both their alleged foreign “comrades” (including foreign funded NGOS and “news” media like the modern British “the Guardian” that claim to support “human rights”) and even some of their fellow leftists no longer see them as “real” Greeks.

    Many foreigners are now literally trying to delete our identity as Greeks (aka a subtle form of GENOCIDE) to hide their shame for calling Skopians “macedonians”

  8. This is Greek reporter. Every author here is leftwing. Greek politics in general are heavily sltanted to the left (even our alleged moderate leftists claim communists like Syriza “moderates”)

    Leftwing extremism is the cancer that is killing Greece. They are wrong on virtually every major issue (lobbying for illegals, lobbying against business, lobbying for bloated government, anti-nationalism extremism, etc.. Some even treasonously lobby for Skopians)


  9. Many of our leftists do the exact opposite. They waste virtually no opportunity to undermine their own country. Read any “Greek” leftists that writes for the Guardian, Reuters, New York Times, etc. The cowards constantly lobby for illegals and treasonously reference FYROM as “macedonia” (while FYROM’;s cockroach apologists try to downplay their transformation into “Ancient Macedonians” and irredentism)

  10. As far as the Greek Report goes, since the paper was originally founded as Hollywood Greek Report of course it has the bias of the entertainment industry. But I wouldn’t be so eager to slap it with a label of Greek leftists. Do you think this is a pro-Syriza newspaper? I don’t think so. It’s more of a classic American paper with the light touch of entertainment:


  11. Although most of its staff aren’t communist GR does have a communist that occasionally writes for it (Sprios)

    That said, leftist doesn’t only mean just communists. It also includes socialists and liberals.(much like right can include conservatives, liberatarians, objectivists, etc..)

    There are no rightwing staff on GR. Much like Greece itself, Its clearly heavily slanted heavily to the leftwing ideology (endless self-righteous whining about pensioners, workers and poor. while ranting for government to run to run their economic rescue… classic leftist positions)

  12. o.k. but it sounds like Anastasios wanted to put something together more apolitical and more on the gossip side.
    His intent was to bring the diaspora together through “light” news.

  13. Other readers can’t understand the context of what you are writing because they have no insight into your life. (thus you end up coming across as a stereotypical greek beating his chest) Why not phrase things so as to not lump even every German?

    (Just a suggestion. Not trying to be patronizing. I sometimes over reach myself.)

  14. You’re right about the light Hollywood stuff. This website also touches of heavy material too though.

    Dablis sounds like he’s more interested in pleasing his employer at US miliitary setimes.com than anything Greek. He’s confused his leftist ideology with being the same thing as Hellenism.

    He doesn’t understand by playing into the narrative of foreign media and NGOs he’s essentially helping their agenda in Greece.(which is essentially to delete the Greek people by manipulating words like “human rights” to anaesthetize our leftists)

  15. o.k. Alex will do. But I am not running for office you know and I thought we were having fun here. You can’t really take seriously what people post here when it comes to European politics.

  16. Setimes.com is funded by european command (which is essentially a front for the US state department) Their agenda isn’t Islamist. Their agenda is trying to push multuculturalism into every other country in the world. (manipulatively framing their political ideology as “human rights”)

    Most haven’t caught on yet that trying to force the American identity model on ethnic based nations amounts to a subtle form of ethnic cleansing, (by blurring ethnicity/culture with citizenship/geography)

  17. Turks may go to the site (because they represent the largest demographic in the region) but the website is funded by US government. (in short our former friends and allies now collude with Skopian extremists out to ethnically erase us)

    “The Southeast European Times Web site is a central source of news and information about Southeastern Europe in ten languages: Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, English, Greek, Macedonian, Romanian,
    Serbian and Turkish.

    The goal of the Southeast European Times is to offer accurate, balanced and forward-looking coverage of developments in Southeast Europe.

    The site features news from across and about the region and features analysis, interviews and commentary by paid SETimes.com correspondents. Southeast European Times coverage is distinguished by an in-depth
    knowledge of local issues – the key players, events and sensitivities that can trigger significant developments – tempered by a cross-regional perspective. It identifies trends, solutions and successes that can
    serve as models for progress throughout the region.

    The Southeast European Times is sponsored by the US European Command, the joint military command responsible for US operations in 52 countries.

    EUCOM is committed to promoting stability, co-operation and prosperity in the region.


  18. The description can say anything. It does not mean it’s true. Alexa Rankings can’t get fooled because they recognize the Turkish server.(do you see the little Turkish flag?)

    it’s possible that Setimes started independent and then Turkey recognized the propaganda value and bought it.
    The traffic on the site is so low it’s pathetic. Don’t feed it.

  19. You are mistinterpreteing Alexa rankings. What they track is location IP of whomever is using a website or ip where server is located.

    Again…Setimes.com is not independent. They are funded by the US military (i.e. US state department propaganda)

    I don’t give a crap about setimes.com. I just notice that clueless Dablis posts his anti-Greek illegals are “immigrants” crap on there (selling out his own country for money from a foreign power… that colludes with Skopians)

  20. I know for a fact setimes.com isn’t turkish. It is CURRENTLY funded by the US government. The administrator of the site is based in maryland. The site technical administration is even farmed out to a US military contractor. (General Dynamics)


    The US used to be our ally but they decided to backstab us for the Skopians. Today they try to whitewash both their betrayal and the Skopians transformation into “ancient macedonians” (effectively collaberating in a subtle attempt to delete our very identity to bury their mistake)

  21. I am no fan of the Turkish government but setimes.com has nothing to do with the Turks. It is 100 percent US government propaganda website. (pushing the agenda of US state department who tell us one thing publicly then do another thing among themselves) The US has betrayed us to the Skopians (as have the modern British and many others who play stupid as Skopian engage in hostile propaganda)

  22. Registrar means nothing. Everyone needs to use a registrar.

    I am giving you stone cold hard fact not speculation. setimes.com is a website CURRENTLY owned by the US government not Turks.

    Again, The CURRENT technical contact in whois is an employee of US military contractor General Dynamics.

  23. Look, the technical contact means very little. They probably did it to prevent hacking or attacks on the domaine which is much more difficult to do on US soil.

    Read carefully the articles. This is typical Ankara’s point of view.

    They even report on “Turkey” section news about Greek tourism that we don even get reported here by Andy. This is a well designed propaganda machine.

  24. There is no evidence to support it is Turkish. Only the owner of the website could put contact information there. The whois record matches up to a US military contractor….which matches up to the claim of the website belonging to US European command. (as does the content of the stories).

    It is highly unlikely someone would set up a website with so much content (which costs lots of money) then fraudulently claim to be funded by US military.

    In addition lets not forget the US government betrayed us by caling the Skopians “macedonians”. They are not our friends. (nor are the modern British that also collaborate with the Skopians threatening our country)

  25. Why would the US have any interest in South East Europe (aka Balkans) at this time? This is all EU territory. Bulgaria, Romania and Greece are already in the eU. So, is Croatia. Serbia is pending. Montenegro is next. All other countries there have Islamic issues. Why would the US care about small tiny countries of no particular geopolitical interest?

  26. The US has military and interests all over the world. They have similar propaganda websites in other regions as well. Its part of their current agenda to push American ideological views on identity on other parts of the world. (manipulating words like “human rights” and “peace”… meanwhile engaged in hostile propaganda against many countries)

    Neither the US government not US establishment are our friends (which they demonstrated when they betrayed us to the Skopians) Our leftists confuse empty speeches with actions.

  27. But the point is that 70% of the Balkans (i.e. South East Europe) are already part of the EU. The only thing that remains are some ex-Yugoslav provinces with Islamic issues mostly. That is the part which interests Turkey. The religious, Islamic part as a means to exerting influence in the region.
    Greece, Bulgaria and Romania are now Israeli allies. Why would the US duplicate when Israel is already involved?

  28. We already know about US military spending. It’s enormous.
    But I can assure you the US other than opposing Serbia as the Russian influence gateway, has nothing to do with these small Balkan states which btw nobody wants. Neither NATO nor the EU.

    And Turkey is desperate to develop ties with these unwanted because of common religion.

  29. I have to disagree. The evidence is right before you. The US is clealry trying to push mulitculturalists model on other countries around the world (other than on the Israeli because Jews practically own the US congress, media and economy)

    What they effectively want to do to Greece is DELETE our identity as Greeks. (precisely why they recognizing Skopians despite that’s its painfully obvious they are not “ethnic Macedonians”)

    Many of these alleged “human rights NGOS” thag badger Greeks over illegal immgration and Skopian issue receive money from US sources.

  30. Evidence of what? We never hear the US issue any statements on such small states. Why is it in the interest of the US to be involved? The US is interested in big markets like India or China or Brazil. Not the Balkans.

    BTW, the biggest trading partner of FYROM and the Skopjians is none other than Germany which is running a trade deficit with FYROM.

  31. The US like every power in history is interested in pushing its agenda in every country. The cold war may have ended for the Soviet Union but these hedgemony emperialism meddling in other countries is still going on for the US.

  32. I only see friendly relations between Russia and the US, occasionally disturbed because of Putin or someone else’s personalities. Russia is a very rational state and certainly not a US enemy.

    BTW, the true relations (not the advertised ones) between USA and Greece are beyond excellent.

  33. Its not like Soviet Union days but the US and Russian relations are actually very poor. The US state department hounds the Russians with the same manipulative “human rights’ propaganda crap that they do Greeks. (intended to delete Russians identity much like they are trying to do to Greeks.. which is precisely why Putin is hostile)

    The US government just can’t be too directly vocally critical because Russia is one of the few states that can turn the US into nuclear embers.

  34. Russia and US are most certainly not friends” They are at best polite adversaries. They constantly butt heads on virtually every foreign policy issue. (including Russian opposition to US attacking Iraq and Iran.. not to mention opposing US NSA spying)

    In a strange way the tables have turned. Russia is largely non-interventionist while the US is behaving like the Soviet Union once did.

  35. That’s fine. It’s good for training. BTW I find nothing wrong with NSA spying.

    Are you suggesting that Russia is a better friend to Greece than the US?