1. You could see the big picture here:


    Last year 2012, we ended the year with roughly 3.5 Bil. annual current account deficit. In 2013 and for half of the year our trade balance is 3 Bil. better and our services revenue by 0.5 Bil. better. Which means that during the first half of 2013 we have erased already last year’s deficits. All it remains now is some cool headedness to finish the year on a positive note. No mistakes please, just keep hammering:


  2. Indeed! Encouraging news. No more “Santorini power” or “Mykonos garbage” capers, please. And any union action which impinges on our returning tourist market should be dealt with swiftly and strongly. Now is not the time for selfish shows of leftist grandstanding at the expense of good business and client relations. There is still a good month (and more) of profitable work to be done. Valuable income to be collected. For every tourist that leaves happy and impressed–it’s potentially 2 or more the following year. Something the city of Prague knows and Greece still needs to put into practice.

  3. fyi- to any actual greeks.

    “Tonto” is certified non-Greek trying to pawn himself off as Greek (calls Skopians “macedonians” and colludes with Skopians threatening our country)


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