The Photograph that Travels the World

i am greek
This is the photograph, entitled I am a Greek, that has gone viral. It has already been posted on major sites abroad and has become one of the biggest topics ever since it was posted.

This photograph changes the image that foreign media have been showing of Greeks.

Image 1: How the Police see me
Image 2: How the rest of the world see me
Image 3: How the Media see me
Image 4: How the bankers see me
Image 5: What i think i do
Image 6: What i really do (Have PhD, Finished 3 Postdocs, Published 6 Papers, Will work for food)


  1. This image was obviously made by a leftist (the “how the bankers see me” gives it away) Whats interesting about all the negative rioting imagines… its leftists and anarchists

    Maybe if our leftists wake up that its their unpatriotic behavior that is turning Greece into an ungovernable mess… we can get around to fixing our country. Stop caring what the world thinks of us. We already know what they think of us when they started to collude with the skopians. They hate us. They hate us so much they are trying to ethnically delete us. (with a smile on their face while they claim to support “human rights”)

    If want to fix our country it will not come from depending on the rest of the world. It will come from depending on ourselves, our familes and our fellow Greeks.

    When the rest of the world stops trying to delete us (by opposing FYROM), then, and only then.can we risk trusting them again.


  2. Use cowards like the below poster are a perfect example. Too “busy” to defend his country from those threatening it.

  3. Arithehun,

    Sure its my fault. Blame me.

    You’re like Dablis. In complete denial. You know what I say is true but
    are too much of a coward to face the reality we have been betrayed by
    our so-called “allies”, foreign media, and even alleged “human rights’ NGOs…. who now all play stupid as the Skopians turn into “ancient Macedonians” and engage in blatantly obvious irredentism against our country (to hide their poor judgment and patronizing bigotry towards Greeks)

    To face the reality of their betrayal would require you to have courage to face the enormous numbers… to face conflict. Instead you prefer to hide in your little safe reality and play pretend it is otherwise. How would Leonidas behaved? Would he have run away from a fight against odds to protect Greece?

  4. Somebody wake me up when this same-old same-old drivel is over. Alex you need a new song! Go check out the “HAARP” atmospheric phenomenon on YouTube. Now that’s scary. Anyone in Greece heard those noises yet coming from the sky? Check out the clip taken in Finland and just about on every continent now.

    Of course, Alex will claim it’s the Skopians working with the USA, employing Tessla’s ionospheric technology to take over Greece. God, he could be right!

  5. Many Libertarians and Free Enterprise folk oppose the Bankers because they are monopolistic and take huge bailouts at the public’s expense or at another country’s expense. The major western media outlets like to paint everyone who opposes them as anti-capitalist as the main narrative. Many chair members of the big media companies are also banking chairs. Ron Paul and anti-Fed folk all opposed the banking cartel and they want competitive monetary systems. If you allowed more than one currency system in a country than it would be harder to pull off the derivatives fraud that destroyed the world.