Tomb of Alexander the Great Unearthed?

artefacts3_499_355_499_355A group of archaeologists in Amphipolis, a municipality in Serres, claim to have made one of the greatest archaeological discoveries ever, as they believe they have uncovered the tomb of Alexander the Great.

They said the tomb has a circumference of 498 meters, an artwork of perfection would only be built for a king.

Th masterpiece is externally covered with high quality exquisitely-carved marble, a remarkable feat given the tools available at the time.

The tomb once was covered with soil and topped with a lion, the one that has been reassembled further uphill and known as the Lion of Amphipolis which  was found by Greek soldiers in 1912.


  1. Somebody please send this news story to the Skopian government to stop the propaganda! Thanks.

  2. People can say what they want about Alexander the Great. But when it comes down to Macedon all one needs to know which is a fact is that they are of the Dorian tribe one of the 4 main Greek tribes from bronze age Greece. The Spartans are also Dorians and most of the Peleponnese. Actually the Dorians originated in northern central-eastern Greece which was Macedon and also emigrated to southern Greece replacing most of the Mycenean civilazation that existed before. They spoke Doric Greek. This is hindrends of years before Alexander the Great. So hence he is of Dorian ancestry. I will not say much more that makes him a Hellene. All other stuff people say today is propoganda for the clepto name nation of Macedonia which are not of Dorian ancestry but Slavs related to Bulgarians.

  3. Hey lie detector….ski

    Thats what you and your scumbag apologists claim.. The same low life apologistst that now play stupid as you turn into “ancient macedonians!. Other than some language, location, culture and dna in common with ancient Greeks, we are not related.

    You al seem to all forgotten that you former Yugoslavians are not actually macedonians. Your “lie detectors’ seems to be malfunctioning…especially when you point it at yourselves.

  4. Whoop-ski. Lie Detector-ski seems to not be detecting very well

    “Greeks have lived in Anatolia for millennia, especially along the
    Aegean coast. For a while, under Alexander, they dominated the land. And
    for all intents and purposes, the Byzantine Empire was Greek.[.] The
    first Ottoman census, of 1477, counted
    half of Constantinople’s
    population as Greek, and four-hundred years later, even after the Greek
    War of Independence, it was still 21 percent Greek”. – David Lowenthal,
    “The heritage
    crusade and the spoils of history. (1998)

    the 1990s,Macedonians speak a language codified in 1946,spoken by less
    than two million people, and with a very slender literature. They are
    members of an Orthodox Church whose authority was established by a
    socialist political regime
    in 1968.They are heirs to a 1903
    revolution that until the 1940s was described by almost all sources as
    being Bulgarian.” – “The history of the Balkan Peninsula” Ferdinand Schevill page 432

    are not related to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip
    and Alexander the Great. We are a Slav people and our language is
    closely related to Bulgarian.’ – FYROM´s Ambassador to Canada Gyordan
    Veselinov, Ottawa Citizen Newspaper, February 24 1999

  5. His comment means he’s a LYING ultra nationalist Skopian POS that wants to push his identity crisis onto other states… rather than admit the blatantly obvious truth. He isn’t “Macedonian”. ZERO ZILCH NADA connection to ancient Macedonians. HE is no mo more than any of his ethnic Bulgarian ancestors.. who would be deeply ashamed of him helping VMRO oppress his own country’s mostly ethnic Bulgarian heritage (to lessor degree Serbs)

  6. The funny thing about FYROM and its apologists is the claim the right to self-identification an absolute… but then go on to contradict themselves and deny the Hellenic self-identification of both Macedonians in Greece today and even of ancient macedonians themselves! (a logical contradiction that all historical narratives aside, makes it apparent they have no concern for truth and their real motivation is racism towards Greeks)

    “Men of Athens,that which I am about to say I trust to your honour; and I charge you to keep it secret from all excepting Pausanias, if you would not bring me to destruction. Had I not greatly at heart the common welfare of Greece, I should not have come to tell you; but I am myself a Greek by descent, and I would notwillingly see Greece exchange freedom for slavery” Alexander I of Macedonia, Herodotus, Histories, book 9)

  7. Alexander the Great was buried in Alexandria, Egypt, not in Greece. As for the fight for the name of Macedonia, you people should get a life. A lot of countries borrowed their names from other populations. France got its name from Franks, a Germanic tribe. Russia got its name from Rus tribes, from Sweden, and Bulgaria got its name from Bulgarian tribes, turkic tribes that migrated to Balkans from Volga River. Your claim that Macedonia should change its name is like Germany asking France to change name because the Franks were germans

  8. And you are so immature..Who debates or comments like that? “oh, eehhm, duuhh..You Greeks are a bunch oh homos..Duuh..”” Only teenage hormonal pimpled teens..

  9. The problem is not the name my friend..They just not want the name..But the history and the heritage that goes with it.. And that is non negotiable.. Understood? If they wanted just the name, no one would protest in Greece… Get your facts right..

  10. I agree with 667’s words exactly. Wherever someone mentions Macedonia, there will be Greeks swearing and cursing. People from the Republic of Macedonia will never be mistaken by anyone who has read at least one history book as owning the heritage of ancient Macedonians. No one from the outside perceives this as a problem. There may be extremist in modern Macedonia, but they can’t present any credibility for any rational being. Modern Slavic Macedonians want to distinguish themselves as a nation, their dialect is distinct enough from Bulgarian to be classified as a separate language, and people of different ethnicities have used Macedonian throughout history for self identification as a regional, not ethnical term (Greeks, Bulgarians, Albanians, Turks, Vlachs, etc). So, Greeks, be proud of your history, but don’t be afraid that anyone would ever be able to steal it. My appeal is for less hate-speech. You should be proud that a former Greek empire has managed to give the name of one country today!

  11. The French didn’t borrow their name from anybody. They are latinized Franks:

    similiarly the rest of nations you refer are fairy tales. No nation borrowed its name from other people. Jesus, those slavs are incredibly good in inventing myths and present them as history….

  12. I said countries, not nations. And i can give you a lot of other exemples, like Egypt, that has nothing in common with the old Egyptians, Palestina, that has no connection with old Palestinians, Hungary has no connection with the Huns, and so on. And I’m not slav, I’m Romanian

  13. anyone honest and proud of who they are does not hide behind such ‘names’ I am a Hellene and proudly so

  14. Egyptians call their country Misr and Hungarians theirs Mangyarorszag. Jesus, stop posting. You humiliate yourself with your ignorance.

  15. The Ancient Macedonians spoke Greek and claimed to be Greeks…….
    About a century ago the people of FYROM used to refer to themselves as “Bulgarians”, and during the late 1940s that dickhead Tito of Yugoslavia change Southern Serbia into Macedonia, The people of FYROM re-Identified themselves as Macedonians and now they are trying to claim its Greek history, Greek culture and territories. But the funniest thing is that still from today FYROM still speak Bulgarian….

  16. My friend 667, this is to update your info for the origin of name Bulgaria, which by the way is the oldest state in Europe remaining with the same name during all its existence.

  17. “their dialect is distinct enough from Bulgarian to be classified as a separate language” – What a joke!

  18. Using a name and identity theft are two different things. FYROM’s use of Macedonia is inline with identity theft.

    Fortunately the majority of scholars, including Slavic ones, side with Hellas on the Macedonia name dispute.

  19. This is actually the tomb of Roxanne, the wife of Alexander the Great, and probably of Alexander IV, their son. It was known since the antiquity that the tomb was near Amphipolis and the ancient descriptions fit the modern findings. Alexander the Great was buried in Alexandreia, Egypt. He is probably still there under a mosque which hosts the tomb of a famous Muslim… If somebody didn’t resque or steal him…

  20. I hope that the FYROMs are learning something out off this and not listening to propaganda from their government. Ancient Macedonians spoke Greek and claimed to be Greeks, while about a century ago the people of FYROM used to refer to themselves as Bulgarians, and during the late 1940s when Tito of Yugoslavia change Southern Serbia into Macedonia they Re-Identified themselves as Macedonians and are trying to claim its Greek history, Greek culture and Greece’s territories. But the funniest thing is that FYROM still speak Bulgarian….

  21. What a bunch of Greek hating BS. Calling the former Yugoslavians “Macedonians” is like calling western France “english”.
    It robs actual Macedonians of their identity.

  22. The modern former Yugoslavians language used to be called BULGARIAN until cold war communists renamed it Macedonian (must like they used to call themselves Macedonians)

    If you want less hate speech complain about FYROM not Greeks.

  23. Do you think Egyptions would “recognize” a neighbouring state that not only named themselves after a region in Egypt but tried to insinuiate 1/3 of Egypt was occupied? Grow up dude. Sh-t like that causes wars.

  24. Actually Mr. Pseudo-histoiran yo have no clue were Alexander was buried because no one is certain where his tomb is yet. First learn that Macedonia is located squaredly in Greece and Maceodnians Greeks before lecturing others on history.

  25. There is no clear scientific delimitation between language and dialect. The limit is always politically biased. Croats, Bosniaks and Muntenegrins have created their own language separating from Serbian in the same manner.

    I agree with you about phenomena as irredentism and historical appropriation still happening in that country north of Greece, but imagine that they are not universally accepted by the local population, and that they do need a name for their country. FYROM is really unpractical. When I call them Macedonians it is because that’s how they call themselves (no matter for how long), and there is no confusion for me between them and the ancient Macedonians or modern Greeks in Northern Greece.

    When someone swears trying to sustain an argument, it shows stubborness, and lack of power to convince with logic. I’m sure you can have a civilised dialogue.

  26. The audacity of some of you guys. My parents are from the Republic of Macedonia or FYROM or Macedonia. Whatever you want to say, UN needs to figure out this name business.

    My parents are from Nakolec (or Lynkos or Lynkestis), the Macedonian-Greek border. In some maps (most) of ancient Macedon the Prespa lakes are part of the Macedon territory. I have tested my Y-DNA from my father and I am of the J2B subclade linking my heritage to many ancient Mediterranean civilizations and to my knowledge there is strong J2B population in todays Northern Greece. So my father is born in Macedonia with ancient ties. Also Slavic is not his primary language. Both Republic of Macedonia and Greece is a melting pot of different DNA. Aside from that just because you don’t speak the language or live in a certain country doesn’t mean you aren’t part of the heritage. Sharing is caring lol.

    The problem Greeks have with Macedonia is the claims to Alexander the Great and ancient Macedon, but it is justified because current Macedonia not just Slav, Bulgarians that live in Macedonia. And Paeonia were Thraco-Illyrian with some Greek culture! Point is Macedonia is Macedonia cause the name has stuck for a long time, Ancient Macedon can be shared as it should be. But the name stays, doesn’t matter that Tejas was changed to Texas, its still Texas. They used to have a different culture and language too but now they don’t and its still Texas.
    Cowboys and Indians bud.

  27. Easy answer. Before the breakup of Yugoslavia. Greece’s position on Macedonia was that Macedonia did not exist. Do they forget their President Mitsotakis and also the renaming if Macedonia to northern Greece and then back to Macedonia after deciding ohhh now there is Macedonia and its Greek. Grow up Achaians.

  28. Greece always recognized Macedonians, Spartans and Athenians for thousands of years before skops came in the region. That’s why the universities worldwide side with Greece and not with skopian propaghanda.

  29. Amazing point Ben! The people in Tejas are also mixing with the Spanish/English conquerors and they even have a fusion of food called Tex-Mex but they don’t claim to be the original inhabitants of the area. If you test all peoples DNA you will see that they have all mixed to one degree or another. Macedonia was Greek and later due to Rome and the invading Turks a big mixture occurred. The invading Slavs who mixed with the locals of the area established a language and culture grouping themselves different from those who were Greek.

    If you look at the people now they have all been mixed and it isn’t the first time. No one is looking for a pure bloodline here. What is being said is that just because a new group of people (the Slavs) came into the Balkans and blended with the locals and establishing a new culture and language and later saying they are the ancients because those who happened to be “blended” were part of the ancients and therefore they have a right to the area and it’s history as well as excluding those from across the boarder and stating that they aren’t the real ancients.

    We shouldn’t go taking over lands and later as we mix with the locals say hey our DNA is like those of your area so all those things your people did is now part of who I am.

    With your point then I think any area that Alexander took over should be called Macedonia and pay tribute to its motherland. We can make that Pella or Thessaloniki.

    Or since I’m sure some Greeks have mixed with Slavs the Greeks should rename Greece as Serbiacroatomontebulgaria and say we have the rights to all of their history.

    I get your point but we are the continuation of the Greeks prior to the Romans, Turks and other invaders. We are the continuation through language and spirit. You are not continuing the culture you say you belong to because the major influence is Slavic. You are using and passing along to your offspring the Slavic invader’s culture and language.

    If the Greeks were totally extinct I would say that there is no problem except they’re not. So since they live on the land they lived on from ancient times and still speak their own language they continue to be who they are even if there has been some mixing (and mixing has always happened and will always happen, especially on boarder areas). Why are they building statues of Alexander, making the church turn him into a saint and trying to make the country look like they were always part of the ancient Macedonia? That land was annexed by Phillip and that’s it.

    Great post though and good effort on reasoning with the situation but it doesn’t work that way. Especially since unlike Tejas the area you are talking about became Serbia and later due to the heavy Bulgarian population and threats of unification with Bulgaria was the name turned back to Macedonia so they can avoid that. It wasn’t a continuation of the name or people. It was based on eliminating a problem.