Crisis Forces Greek Women into Prostitution

tromaktikoThe Greek financial crisis has been forcing more and more housewives into illegal prostitution to make ends meet. They take off their aprons, leave their kids and husbands at home, dress up in sexy clothes and prostitute themselves to strangers to supplement the family income and survive.

According to the newspaper Espresso, the dozens of jobless and desperate Greek housewives hit by the financial crisis who prostitute themselves not only risk the future of their marriage, but their own lives as well.

According to Chara and Minas, owners of brothels and sex studios in the center of Athens, for about a year now a great percentage of desperate women of all ages and appearance have been visiting them asking to work as prostitutes to earn even a little money to support their families. Many of them have even begged to work in the brothel.

Unfortunately, desperation drives a pretty big percentage of unemployed women to work either in brothels or independently arranging hot rendezvous in hotels and sex studios.


  1. Man must be a good time to visit and live in Greece for a while and show those fine single desperate young ladies a great successful and intelligent young man and keep them off the streets and degrading themselves.

  2. “According to the newspaper Espresso…” Says it all right there. Nicky Mariam Onti, what sad position you must be at in your “journalism” career than to feel compelled cut and paste a story simply quoted from another story and with what verifiable sources? What a load of skata.

  3. Yeah, but Jason–it does make for good copy, right–isn’t that the point?

    And besides, it supports the zeitgeist we are all supposed to believe and support about the desperation of Greeks. OK? So back off.

    Journalism? What are you talking about?

  4. The EU. IMF & ECB are a FRAUD- What a joke Olii Rehn, Merkel & Schnauble are ! — Did you know IMF head Legarde had her house raided by French Police for financial fraud? Same with Junker who is in trouble for Fraud, and then we have ECB’s Mario Draghi worked for corrupt Goldman Sachs group in Europe—- It is absolutely incredible the Criminals we have running the IMF & Euro Zone, who have been using Greece and Cyprus as a “test case” to see just how dumb and gullible EU citizens are!

    If Greece needs money then why isn’t the TROIKA & PRESS asking where 250
    million Euros went that PASOK & ND Parties took out in “phony” bank loans from their Banker cronies, and never even paid a cent back???

    Is that a show of their good Governance and Gov’t Management skills? Whose greedy dirty pockets did the 100s of millions of Euros go into?

    Why isn’t the Greek Justice System & Press asking any questions?