Judas Curse Will Be Shot On Symi

judas curseIf you have ever been in the Greek island of Symi in your life, then certainly this memory would bring you back anything but horror. But now it’s been chosen as the site for the filming of a new indie horror film that goes under the name The Judas Curse. Work will begin in October.

The film will be directed by Navin Dev, also director of Red Kingdom Rising (2013). “The Judas Curse is about recreating the feel and vibe of 1970’s horror – a dark, dirty detached style of filmmaking that produced such classics as The Exorcist, Jaws, The Omen, and Halloween,” wrote Kickstarter.com

The small and peaceful Greek island of Symi is of course not an exception in the hardships that economic crisis has brought to the country.

“Greece is going through a very difficult time at the moment and I wanted to do something to help,” said the screenwriter of the film James Collins.

“We can’t change the world, but by bringing a series of film projects to Symi we can help boost tourism and give local young people the chance to learn some skills that might lead to a career in the film industry,” he continued.

The story is about how supernatural events ignite the suppressed memories and fears of a man returning to his childhood home after his abusive father’s death.

The film is being financed by a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter which will run throughout August. If enough funds are raised, the film will be released next year.