The Pulse of Greek Entrepreneurship in 78th TIF

pic-0-normTens of companies from various sectors will present their products in the 3rd thematic tribute of the 78th Thessaloniki International Fair, entitled “Greece and Entrepreneurship”, which will be developed at the stands 10, 12 and 16 of the international exhibition center.

Specifically, the tribute will involve 125 businesses from the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry and from the Thessaloniki Chamber of Crafts (50 and 25 members consequently) and from the Chamber of Serres (50 member-businesses).

The thematic tribute “Greece and Entrepreneurship” will showcase local traditional products, manners and customs, as well as the business development in the regions of Greece, through the presence of the chambers and the regions of the country.

The main axes are “entrepreneurship, technology, innovation,” local production, tourism and tradition.



  1. Have to wonder if any communist fanatics (aka Syriza) will be there rioting for “democracy”?


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