Agia Varvara Children Still Missing


    The Greek Minister for Justice, Transparency and Human Rights Charalambos Athanasiou addressed a letter to the Hellenic Parliament asking for an update on the Agia Varvara case.

    In his letter the Minister stated, “The Committee reiterates its previous concern, regarding the case of 502 out of 661 Albanian Roma children, who reportedly disappeared from 1998-2002 from the Greek Foundation for children Agia Varvara, and there is particularly great concern about the fact that the above cases were not investigated by the Hellenic authorities… The Commission also recommends that the State adopt an integrated policy to combat the violations of the rights of the so-called street children so as to prevent such incidents in the future.”

    Athanasiou in his letter to DIMAR MP, Maria Giannakaki, who brought up the issue, also stressed that the latter is soon to be informed of his actions by addressing the relevant bodies and consulting with his colleagues, Foreign Ministers as well as Ministers of Labor, Social Security and Welfare.

    However, the Greek authorities should promptly create an effective mechanism to investigate these cases in order to establish the whereabouts of the missing children and identify disciplinary and criminal responsibility of those involved.

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    1. I thought we were brown and second class European citizens in your eyes.

      I can only laugh when colonialist white-devils calling people PIIGS accuses us for racism.

    2. I am Greek, I was born in NZ but lived in Greece for 20 years.
      I wrote letters for Roma, I have lived with them.
      I have seen how they are treated.
      My name is an in joke ‘Kiwi maid”= “Kiwi MADE from imported ingredients” , OK?


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