Negotiations Over Gazprom’s Gas Prices

Gazprom-Kapital-Places-BondsA second round of critical negotiations, following the preliminary talks in Moscow earlier this summer started in Athens on August 28 concerning  the reduction of the price of Russian natural gas, between Gazprom and Greek natural gas provider DEPA.

For years, the argument of Gazprom is that these higher prices are due to Greece’s remote geographical location and its small size as a market.

However, the Greek side proceeded to such a request, after the company’s Deputy Chairman Alexander Medvedev actually admitted that prices for Greece were about 30% higher than EU average.

Given the above, Gazprom could not easily justify the price difference, especially when neighboring markets benefit from lower prices.



  1. 30% premium is a lot. It also explains he enormous energy bill Greece has from Russia and why Russia is the #1 exporter to Greece. If Germans already taking advantage of Greece in trade on 3 to 1 ratio then Russians are even worse.
    And some morons claim the Russians are our brothers. If they were our brothers they wouldn’t be stealing from us.

  2. SYRIZA made up by communist, Stalinist, Marxist, anarchist and murdering black block nationalizing our banks, stealing our money and flooding Greece with scum.

    Tsipras who cried at Hugo Chavez funeral and said that Fidel Castro was one of the great leaders wants to turn Greece into a third world hole in the image of the toilet states he idolizes…….