Philip Morris Warehouse For Agrinio

tobaccoGreece’s Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will meet with the President and Managing Consultant of the tobacco company Papastratos, Nikos Theofilopoulos, to talk about plans for a new central warehouse for all of Europe, to be built in the western town of Agrinio under the control of international conglomerate Philip Morris.

Philip Morris plans to take 50 percent of the Greek tobacco production in the next three years and needs a warehouse, officials said.

The tobacco will be then be distributed throughout Europe with containers, either through Piraeus Port, or by road through Italy. It is estimated that some 2,500 containers, that is 15,000 tons of tobacco, will be traded per year.

The decision makes Agrinio the tobacco company’s main logistics center, giving new life to the old tobacco warehouses of Papastratos company and offering new jobs in the region and in the wider field of transports and logistics.


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