Stournaras Blasts Speculators, “Willing Idiots”

Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras doesn't want public sector layoffsApparently agitated, Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras on Aug. 29 condemned speculators he said were getting rich by betting against Greece, saying they just wanted to capitalize on failure, although he intimated they had unwilling accomplices in “willing idiots” who went along with them.

Stournaras, a  cheerleader for Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ campaign to right the faltering economy with austerity measures and firing workers, said the country is making progress toward recovery and criticized those he said have benefited from its mistakes.

“Who does not want us to save ourselves? All the speculators in this world. All those who are shorting the euro and the bonds of Eurozone countries,” Stournaras said.

“Also, we should not forget Lenin’s talk of the ‘willing idiots’ (sic),, because there are also those who do not want us to save ourselves,” he said in reference to the Communist revolutionary, although the actual phrase was “useful idiot,” and its origin has not been traced.


  1. Speculators, Too Big to Fail Banks, Ratings Agencies, Derivatives Traders, Dirty Politicians, Dirty regulators. All point the finger at each other yet all are responsible.

  2. What a joke Stournas is, I guess he didn’t see what happened to his predecessor Papaconstantinou. The same blame game is coming for him next, just wait and see.

  3. SYRIZA made up by communist, Stalinist, Marxist, anarchist and murdering black block nationalizing our banks, stealing our money and flooding Greece with scum.

    Tsipras who cried at Hugo Chavez funeral and said that Fidel Castro was one of the great leaders wants to turn Greece into a third world hole in the image of the toilet states he idolizes..

  4. Fascinating article Worldfarts but Syriza is not the party that has put Greece in the hole its ND /PASOK
    There is an old saying if you keep voting for the same people what makes you think anything will change

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