Mickey Mouse Mag Stops 48-Year Run

Mikey Mouse magazineThe magazine which generations of young Greeks grew up with, Mickey Mouse – in Greek, of course – is stopping publication after 48 years.

Publisher Christos Terzopoulos wrote on his page on Facebook: “Some things, like the government reshuffle, the currency devaluation and the closure of the magazines, are not announced in advance. The stoppage of the issuing of the magazines was not a frivolous and sudden choice.

“For several months, from the beginning of the year, we had contacts and we have been negotiating to find a viable solution for the magazines. It takes fortitude to negotiate soberly and wisely without transferring the anxiety to our partners. Until the last moment we have been keeping the sparkle alive in order to be able to continue the publication of the magazines. ”

He said it didn’t work. “We kept doing what we always knew to do. To publish magazines that are the best possible result that the conditions allowed us to create. And this is what we will do again when the conditions will be favorable. You have the samples of our work, the last proof is Gottfredson’s book.”

He hinted there was a glimmer of hope for return. “Unfortunately I can’t expatiate any further on this issue because I’m not allowed due to the confidentiality of the negotiations. But you should know with certainty that the stoppage of a work of a whole life (almost 48 years) is not an act which is not intensively emotionally strained.”


  1. You don’t need Mickey Mouse Magazine when the government is run by puppet Mickey Mouse characters.