Greek Healthcare System Ranked 30th Worldwide


This month Bloomberg identified the most and the least efficient health care systems on a worldwide basis, highlighting those of Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan as the world’s best.

On the same list Greece holds the 30th place while the United States earned an efficiency score of 30.8, ranking 46th place.

For the rankings, Bloomberg researchers used data from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization (WHO) and Hong Kong Department of Health.

Researchers ranked only countries with a population of at least five million, a life expectancy of at least 70 years, and a gross domestic product (GDP) of at least $5,000. Each of the 48 qualifying countries’ health care system was evaluated based on life expectancy, relative per capita cost of health care as well as absolute per capita cost of health care (expenditures covering preventive services, family planning, nutrition, and emergency aid).

Bloomberg gave each country an efficiency “score,” with a score of 100 representing a perfect system.


  1. Did they pay a “fakelaki” to get that report? My local hospital probably doesn’t meet any 1st world standards. Between the flies and the mosquitoes, they probably see 8 patients in a room as a great meal. Let’s not forget the twenty relatives packed in to look after them,.

    These reports are meaningless to the people who actually need those facilities. If you don’t have anyone to look after you or pay the “apoklistikes”, you are in a world of hurt.

    For you foreigners, “apoklistikes” are nurses aids that you have to actually hire to get looked after (about 180 Euros per 24 hours). In theory, you got nurses to do that but there are so few of them and so busy, that you wont be looked after for your non critical needs. So if you are wearing a diaper and can’t move, you are sitting in your own crap for 12 hours…or more. If you can’t move your hands to feed yourself, good luck.You have to wait until a “helper” has time. If you don’t have relatives or friends to help you out and don’t have the money, the very last place on earth you want to be is in a Greek hospital. Worse still, their “rules” don’t allow for sharing duties. So when I hired 3 to look after my father around the clock, they would not lift a finger to help anyone else even if I offered to pay them extra. They would sit on their asses and gossip on the phone if they had nothing to do. There was a old man besides my father and he had no one. I asked one of them to feed the guy and I would pay her extra. She wouldn’t do it, “against the rules”. So I fed him. I wish I was making this up…..*sigh*

    So tell me again about the 30th ranking?

  2. They’re talking about the basis for the system. The system works, even if you’ve had a bad experience. Im not glorifying it and saying its perfect, but its a hell of a lot better than many other countries. Think about the number. 30. That’s a lot of countries. Greece probably ranks after all of europe, australia, japan, hongkong, singapore, possibly china, canada, new zealand. Now consider all these countries i’ve named, and you realise ’30th isnt good….30th is bad.’ Now shed a tear for those Americans in a system ranked 46th.

  3. What you say is true, but it’s not the general image of the healthcare in Greece. I had my mother in the hospital and my grandparents. The doctors and the nurses took good care of all of them, without any “fakelaki” and I didn’t have to hire “apoklistiki”. What you say… does happen, but it’s not always the case. Apart from that, what is really being measured here, is the quality and the outcome of doctors’ work and how successful it is ( if the diagnose for a patient is correct, if they provide the correct medication, the percentage of the healed/well treated patients etc.).

    Obviously, you haven’t seen what’s happening in other countries to really compare the greek healthcare with those other countries. And if you think about it… 30th place among 48, is not that great after all.

  4. ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! My great aunt DIED in a “nursing home” or what REALLY was a mental health facility. She didn’t have ANY serious ailments and was in her late sixties. The woman died of NEGLECT. She didn’t have a soul there to advocate or help her. This is NOT an exaggeration!

  5. Did she have any surgery? Because you don’t give “fakelakia” to nurses or regular doctors.

    I did not argue about diagnosing an illness. Every time I took my father in, they took a range of tests and knew what was wrong. My problem with the system is that it does not look after you while you are there.

    I live in another country 185 days a year (yup, I’m a 180 tourist in my own country). I had some chest pains that turned out to be nothing. While in hospital, the nurses came in every ten minutes to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. There were three patients in the room and a nurse was almost a fixture. My wife was with me and they told her to go home. When I was first exposed to the Greek hospital system, my jaw dropped. They came in, took blood and I wouldn’t see them in the room for hours. Considering there were 8 patients in that room, how can you or anyone say that it’s called “care”? On top of that, have you ever tried to talk to the Greek doctors? Most of them have God complexes, particularly if they are older. Cripes, I have a wall full of engineering degrees and they treated me like the village idiot if I asked any questions. Funnier still, my wife who also has a wall of degrees and use to run a huge hospital lab was also treated with contempt.

    Anywho… you said, 30 out of 48 is not much of a compliment. If they rate it on “care” it would be 49th…..

  6. Compared to what? I have experiences in two first world countries and Greece was Mozambique.

    You want to know something? I was going to take a picture of the condition in the hospital and was too embarrassed to show the world.

  7. Of course it’s true. Why would I make up stories on something so serious?

    The problem with this site is that you have too many foreigners and 14 year olds who have no clue commenting on Greece.