Amyntaio Mayor Injured in Riots

    army_fadaroi_390The mayor of Amyntaio, Makis Iosifidis, was injured during riots that occurred between the residents of the region and police officers, outside the gate of the military camp Papapetrou in Amyntaio, Florina. The residents along with some bodies of the area were protesting against the relocation of the camp.

    Initially the mayor was transferred to the local medical center and then to Mpodosakeio hospital for first aids.

    The riots between residents and police officers started in the early afternoon after police blocked off the barracks for the removal of vehicles and equipment from the site.

    Residents and bodies of the city had blocked the gates of the military camp reacting to the decision of the Ministry of Defense for the permanent removal of the unit from their city.


    1. Let’s hope more push doesn’t come to shove. Tensions are ready to explode in many areas right now. People need more light and less heat these days. but you can’t blame the public’s frustration at watching things deteriorate around them.