Illegal Work Reigns in Northern Greece

2916181DF29A06BA071EB0CC8B913E24The presidents of labor unions described the gloomy picture of unemployment in Northern Greece at a meeting which took place in  Thessaloniki in the framework of the TIF.

As they said, illegal and uninsured work reigns, while unemployment rates have rocketed.

Indicatively in Thessaloniki, unemployment has reached 36%, while in Evros the unemployment rate is 40% and the market is almost dead as Greeks are shopping from Bulgaria. In Giannitsa and Pella, unemployment has reached 56%.

Six out of 10 businesses haven’t paid their employees for three months up to 16. In Drama, with 50% unemployment, lumberjacks, a profession which once flourished, are not working as Greeks are buying wood from Bulgaria. In Komotini, unemployment has reached 46%.

From the 100 factories out of 2,000, there are only four left. From the 17,000 employees, there are only 800 left and are unpaid, while in Serres with 42% unemployment, employees go to Bulgaria to work because of the better wages there.


  1. All those factoiries closed? What a surprise!

    I have said this a million times…..

    Greece does not have politicians who have a clue about business. They are ALL career word spitters that couldn’t draft a business and jobs oriented policy worth more then toilet paper. “Jobs” to them is what comes out of a fakelaki or the friends they know….or who votes for them.

    This is by far, the biggest failing of Greece.

  2. What sad is that not one politician had the foresight or the acumen to lobby Athens to kickstart other industries in these regions and offer employment to these people..
    Regarding shopping across the border in Bulgaria good on these people as money is scarce they will always look for cheaper alternatives…
    As the Greek government has failed to implement streamlined central licensing systems in place for peopl e to set up new businesses and continues to offer permennet emplloyment to people employed in the public sewctor nothing will change in Greece unfortunately things will continue to get worse and worse and the people will pay for it..Tax collections will also be down..
    Greece needs to change.. and do hope these people in these regions find employment…