TEI On Crete Suspends Itself

download-2-thumb-mediumAll educational and administrative functions of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete were stopped for a week on Sept. 5 after the school’s Senate opposed the government’s decision to place some administrators in a so-called mobility scheme in which they will be transferred or fired.

A statement that went with the decision said that the school cannot properly function with cuts so decided to suspend its operation until Sept. 11.

Teachers and staff of the TEI of Crete told the Ministry of Education that they will not accept any other staff removals although there’s nothing they can do about it but complain.

The President of the TEI, Evangelos Capetanakis, stressed that the current staff of the institution occupies 147 people when the personnel number should at least be 221 persons according to Law 4009.

The government has ignored such protests and the school will reopen next week as the government proceeds with the plan despite the opposition.