Sports Hernia Cured in 15 Minutes

surg2Thanks to a new non-invasive surgical technique that is being applied for the first time in Greece, hernia will be treated in no time at all. This news is particularly good for athletes who often suffer from sports hernia, also called athletic pubalgia, a medical condition of the pubic joint.

The new surgical technique, which was presented at the Pan-European Congress of Athletic Injuries, is conducted only by a team of Greek doctors. Orthopaedic surgeon, specialist on sports injuries and head of the team Dr. Stavros Alevrogiannis stated that the surgery is carried out with general anesthesia. The duration of the surgery does not exceed 15 minutes on each side of the body. No hospitalization is needed and the athlete is ready to return home soon after the surgery.

Sports activities that involve planting the feet and twisting with maximum exertion can cause a tear in the soft tissue of the lower abdomen or groin.

Sports hernias occur mainly in vigorous sports such as ice hockey, soccer, wrestling, and football.


  1. That’s awesome. The more non-Surgical techniques the better HealthCare systems become as these non evasive techniques will be cheaper, faster and put less load on resources.

  2. Surely some hospitalisation would be needed after under going general anaesthetic? If not for a good three hours after being under.

    Common sense would make this procedure be performed under local anaesthesia for quicker recovery time if it was that simple. C sections can be performed with the patient being awake.

    Maybe Greek reporter doesn’t know what it’s talking about, again.