New Poll Gives Syriza 1.5 percent Lead

550_334_186459A new poll carried out by Pulse, gave a 1.5 percent lead to SYRIZA against New Democracy as far as voting intention is concerned. The Pulse poll will be published by the newspaper To Pontiki on Thursday, September 12.

When the question, “If elections were to take place today, which party would you vote for?” a 20.5 percent of the people participating in the survey pointed out SYRIZA (compared to 21 percent in July) and 19 percent said they would vote ND (same as in July).

Golden Dawn followed with 13.5 percent (13 percent), PASOK with 7 percent (6.5 percent), the Communist Party with 5 percent (5.5 percent) Independent Greeks with 4 percent (4 percent) and Democratic Left with 3 percent (3 percent). The option Another Party was chosen by 6 percent (7 percent), White/Abstinence by 12 percent (11.5 percent) and the option Undecided/Not Respond by 10 percent (9.5 percent).


  1. I hope the SYRIZA party gets voted in and then they throw the TROIKA out.
    Then the Greeks are going to have a lot of fun on the drahma. According to the World Bank the drahma will devalue by at least 50% and the purchasing power will be cut in half.

  2. Irrelevant! We are not having elections in Greece nor we are going to have any for another 3 years.

  3. Why so positive and generous? Don’t you want to see what Mogadishu looks like in your own front door?

  4. I always remember a phrase I hear a lot…. There’s the right way, the wrong way, and the Greek way. If they throw out the troika, then they can argue that they have greater sovereignty, but they’ll be in default for a much longer period of time. Modern Greece has spent half its time in default. Could it be possible that, just maybe, Greece needs this cycle to perpetually continue? Or is it that Greece is going through a transition from the old Greek way to the new Greek way?

  5. Vote for Syriza and watch your money in the bank and your home become nationalized, and become a member of the red parties.
    Better dead than red!

  6. Your little snide remarks are getting tiresome. Go get a life and leave Greece the hell alone you troll.

  7. The only thing ‘looser’ is you saggy private parts. learn to speak before you open your mouth and make a fool of yourself idiot. besides I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to the other malakisme*i.

  8. If you live in Greece unemployment is 28% if you are in college you must go abroad to get a decent job. Your attack on me for speaking the truth shows that you are very immature. Going back to the drahma will indeed cut your purchasing power.

  9. So staying with what you are doing now is better? Keep doing the same thing expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Did you ever wonder why Merkel and the other Euroasses are so afraid of Greece leaving the euro? They are afraid that if Greece leaves and that there is a good chance of Greece being successful over time, then others will do the same. That means their “European dream”will come to an end. I think it’s more of a nightmare but the result is the same. I attack you for your constant negativity and this bug bear you have about Greeks hating the US.


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